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5 Gotchas


You make me brave.


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Fiercely we love this boy

Forever family ours

His laugh uplifts the world

His smile lights the stars

Planted firmly in my heart

Stretch its borders wide

God’s love for us portrayed in you

Swells our souls inside

GOTCHA day has snuck up on us again!  (We celebrate Cheeks’ gotcha day on his adoption finalization day, because the day he entered our home is so close to his birthday. We like to  have it spread out. 😉 )
This boy began Kindergarten in January (homeschool scheduling perks), and J finished 5th grade at the end of April. How appropriate that we should be blessed to spend his gotcha month doing what he loves: traveling!  (Also, homeschool scheduling perks.) We spent time in Orlando with friends on vacation and at a conference, the Rev spent a few days in the mountains on sabbatical, and then we loaded the family back up and headed to Cape Cod and NYC.  Rocky beaches, boats, trains/subways, statues, buildings, cities in general… these are all some of his favorite things.  Our kids are stellar travelers, and even amidst the crazy amounts of walking for big legs let alone little ones, Cheeks was so excited that he skipped nearly everywhere that he went.  J seemed to acquire an impeccable understanding of the subway system that my did not grasp.  If you were to ask the boy what his favorite parts were, he would say the beach, the whale watch, the Statue of Liberty, the Nintendo store, and Central Park.  Both kids have decided, that (if money were no object) of all the places we have ever visited, they would want to live in NYC. This boy has a severe case of wanderlust, and if  he could travel anywhere else next in the United States, he says he would choose California (not sure why), and in the world he would choose France (because of the Eiffel Tower and that whole love of statues and buildings thing).
As always, here is a repeat blog post of finalization day:
“Cheeks is legally OURS, as the judge put it, as if he were born to us. We are elated. He has been ours in our hearts from the beginning, but now he carries our last name. We are so appreciative of those whom God has so considerately placed along our path during this journey: friends and family, acquaintances, case workers, strangers, everyone. It has been a delight.
We began the day in excited mode. Then very close to our appointment with the judge, we transferred to nervous mode. We were initially told to go to the Justice Center. Then we were told that we were in the wrong place and were instructed to go to the courthouse. It really was probably only a matter of 5-10 minutes, but being that we arrived at the courthouse precisely at our appointment time due to this mix-up (and our lawyer and adoption counselor weren’t there yet), I was a tad nervous that somehow it wouldn’t happen today.
As it turns out, they were down the road at the same place where we had started initially, but we didn’t see them in person. I became nervous that whoever said they would pass along the word didn’t get a hold of them or something. But, as usual, I worried for no reason. They showed up shortly. We entered the judge’s chambers immediately upon their arrival, the lawyer did her thing, we did our thing (under solemn oath) and the judge did her thing. It was over in a blink! …We are so blessed with how God designed our family. There are no words. I’m glad He knows my heart.



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