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Not Your Typical Church Pew

Hello blogosphere, it has been a long while.

Our schedule is hardly ever typical, but if I do get a “typical” Monday, this is my standard view:

Monday is the “big laundry” day around here.  It’s when I empty all of the hampers… at least 4 loads worth, sometimes more.  I may do a little load here or there throughout the week, but mostly it gets addressed on Monday.  I wash and sort everyone’s clothes.  After that, the kids are responsible for putting their share away and the hampers are gloriously, completely bare.  Clean slate.

This is my sorting place: my church pew.  We found it in our garage when we bought this house and I had to bring it in.  I adore that kind of nostalgia. Admittedly, it is not a part of my home that is styled to fit a categorical standard.  It sits where it fits.

But this, this is my reminder of daily worship: striving to bring glory to God by caring for my family- above the bins of toys, and below the gallery of creativity, beside our place of learning, and amidst piles of things undone- my spiritual act of worship.

Recently I had watched a FB video by CleanHouseWithKids . (Super cute home and family, for what it’s worth. You can follow her on all the social media outlets).  She is minimalistic in a lot of things, and this particular video was about how her family works having a very small wardrobe. It makes sense: the less stuff you have, the less you have to clean up. She mentioned that her son has just 3 pair of jeans, and one pair of Sunday pants. Only 3? Sometimes my kids go through that many in one day. Either her son must be very tidy, or she must do laundry far more frequently than I do.  Of course her answer was the latter. She does laundry every day. Every. Day. To some of you, this may be the norm. I assure you it is not my norm. I have my reasons for why I operate the way I do (health stuff being a major valid factor… saving water and electricity, not so valid. As it turns out, I do about the same number of loads by lumping it all in one day as I would spreading it out).  Although I’m too much of a “just in case” plan-aheader to relinquish my more-than-3 pants just yet, I can see why it could work really well.  I won’t likely ever do laundry every single day, however making more frequent efforts with smaller loads could be a valuable change.

At the end of the day, the important thing is a family well lived and loved. How that comes to fuition will vary, but we can always learn from each other: taking hold of what works and releasing what doesn’t.  My goal is for my home to be a place of sanctuary.  Breathable. Seeking this in seeking Him has brought a greater level of overall peace in our home.

That’s my traditional symbol of worship in an unconventional way… amidst sorting laundry on the church pew.




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