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Knowledge and Noel: In Absentia, Part 2

It’s hard to believe that the kids are already halfway through 5th grade and K4. The first semester has gone by rather quickly, but at the same time I already have spring fever although he second semester has yet to begin.  I think part of that has to do with, being the planning type that I am, now is the time for me to be tying up my loose ends in regard to end of year planning,  as well as making decisions for next year’s curriculum.  In my mind, it’s the end of the year and I’m ready for break again!

Some things J has learned:

  • Earth, rocks & minerals, mass & volume, fossils & dinosaurs, matter, mixtures & solutions, energy, heat & weather…
  • Parts of speech in more detail than you probably care to be informed, modifiers, diagramming sentences, book reports…
  • Spelling words such as enthusiastic, pneumonia, Albuquerque…
  • Multiplying and dividing fractions…
  • History from Pentecost to the Maya, Pompeii, the fall of the western Roman empire, the dark ages, dynasties, Islam, vikings, and a whole lot of stuff in between…
  • Attributes of God, characteristics of being created in God’s image, His nature, purpose, using gifts and talents, meditating on scripture, expressing emotions, seeking wisdom…

Both kids (and mom!) have been having fun with Art For Kids Hub.

With Cheeks our primary objective is to get him reading.  He isn’t nearly as into it as his bookworm-in-a-bucket sister (which is hard to be), but his interest and confidence are gaining daily. He does well with it. Although he would prefer to play video games 24/7, he enjoys reading more than he will admit. In both of the pictures below I caught him in books of his own accord, picking out words that he could recognize or figure out.  We have started doing spelling words with him because he insists on them! (He wants to be like big sis practicing on the white board).  He does some phonics and beginning math workbooks, and traces letters, numbers, and words.  His favorite thing to do though is to try to copy what sis does.

Tis the season for A Night in Bethlehem (newborn baby lambs too! eep!), decking the halls with cards on walls, Christmas carols, various and sundry holiday celebrations, lots of plaid, board games, visiting family, cat shenanigans, and spending more money on everything… because evidently when one loses a tooth on Christmas, the Pikachu-fairy decides it’s worth a whole lot more than the others. (I sure am glad that we are cheap tooth-purchasers to begin with!)

As usually we have been blessed with for more gifts that we deserve, and we are most grateful that, in the words of Sally Lloyd Jones, “…God would once again turn chaos to Joy. This time not hovering over the chaos, but entering into it.”


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