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In Absentia

It has been nearly two months since I have blogged, or even looked at anyone else’s blog for that matter.  I’m semi-down for the count today (per vertigo), but can actually presently type without feeling sick now (per Antivert), so I suppose now is as good a time as any to try to play catch-up on the virtual family scrapbook, albeit somewhat out of order.

Once again, this may be old news to many on other forms of social media.


We actually got a pet with fur. #neverSayNever.  Meet Hermione Charlotte Riley (The name J liked + the name C liked + her name before she was ours). She really is pretty much the sweetest little feline. She has been both good therapy and responsibility for our kids, and I’m pleased to say that she has made a wonderful addition to our family.

As of several weeks ago, we have officially been parents for a decade. There is so much mushy gooshy stuff that would be appropriate to say and still fall very short, but every time I try to type it I get overwhelmed. (That’s saying a lot for a not terribly sentimental person). So I’ll just leave it at this: this kid is awesome and the world is better because she is in it. We love our J.  (If you would like to view her somewhat traumatic wonderful birth story, you can click here and scroll down past the trip down memory lane to the part after the line of dots.)

Initially I was a little intimidated at J’s request for a Harry Potter cake, but it was really a lot of fun to make and turned out quite delicious. I also threw in a batch of GF cupcakes set out in the shape of a 10, commemorating this being her “golden” birthday. #10OnThe10th.

Her birthday party at the trampoline place was a blast.


J has continued to make personal improvements in swimming. Swim club has been so good for her all around well being, and it’s so much fun to watch.Fall Stuff:

We had a family date at the pumpkin patch. Come pumpkin carving time, J chose an Angry Bird (which she primarily did herself), and C chose Darth Vader (for which he poked some guide dots and painted the pumpkin black, but I did the gutting and the cutting.)

I hadn’t planned on any spectacular theme for Halloween this year, but at the almost last minute, the kids changed their minds from wanting to be ninjas to doing Star Wars. I enjoy Star Wars much more than ninjas, so I didn’t protest, constructed some felt Leia buns as well as a disproportionately large Ahsoka head piece out of old pool noodles and unused cotton batting (plus a few other things), and we recruited some friends to join us. 

I had completely intended on adding holiday stuff and homeschooling stuff to this post, but my dizzies are dictating otherwise. So I’ll leave you with this as our segue until the next post, as this weather basically sums up both our fall and our winter thus far:






One comment on “In Absentia

  1. lifecamerabeauty
    December 30, 2015

    Great post! And such a cute cat! ❤

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