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FLASH! POP! *darkness*

This happened last month.


Upon having flipped the switch for my desk lights, I was greeted by an unwelcome moment of FLASH! POP! *darkness*

I may or may not have screamed and jumped to an undisclosed height.

Examination of the bulb revealed a first for me.  I have experienced shattered glass. I have seen the filament detach, touch the side of the globe, and melt a bubble protrusion.  I have witnessed plain old burn-out.  But I’ve never had a hole burned clean through the base before.  After voicing a quick prayer thanking God for allowing my house to remain in one piece, my mind was immediately flooded with various and sundry songs and practical illustrations.  It’s no secret that everything reminds me of a song or an illustration on some level.

Here’s today’s lesson in a nutshell (or a light bulb):

Take care that your misplaced energy doesn’t diminish your ability to be light.

This bulb had all the right things going for it.  It was where it belonged, it has all the right parts, and it had done a good job fulfilling its purpose for a good long time.  But a surge of energy trying to escape from where it had no business coming out caused the bulb to be of no more use.

It has taken me sooooo long to even post this because I couldn’t choose which way to apply it, so I’ve quit trying.  Take your pick. Or, discover your own.

The tricky thing is that bursts of excitement aren’t always in regard to intrinsically bad things or wrongdoing.  Sometimes they are about good things. But if not aptly placed…

At times it means taking a break from something for a season and practicing rest.

It could mean not lashing out irrationally out of frustration at your kids, your spouse, your co-workers, your situation, or yourself.

Maybe it means not becoming overly excited even about good news or ideas in the moments when that excitement derails your purpose.

Perhaps you need to cut back on irresponsibly voicing good intentions that won’t be followed through on, making promises you can’t keep, or just generally saying things you don’t mean.

Sometimes it means relinquishing your desire to be understood, or at least heard.

Maybe you need to stop pushing yourself to complete “just one more thing”, take on too many tasks, or be all things to all people.

There are many valid issues worth raising your voice about. But raise it in a beneficial way and at the appropriate time. There are many that aren’t worth your breath.  I wonder how much less angry the world would be if simply the suggestion that we ought to be angry about something were removed. This is the fear of missing out at its ugliest.  (*guilty hand held high*)

Misplaced energy can mean so many things, but the result is the same: ability lost due to burnout.  Interestingly, more things that come to my mind personally have to do with my mouth than they have to do with physical acts of exertion. Either way, when we overdo it to the point that something breaks, be it our relationships, our wills, or ourselves, until it’s repaired we lose our ability in those areas to bring light to the dark places.


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