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Because He’s 5: Minecraft-ish Party Resources and a Whole-Hander’s Survey


Upon planning the big 5 birthday bash, I was excited when Cheeks decided on Minecraft.  This is not because I have any particular personal affinity for Minecraft, it is because making a Minecraft themed party is about the simplest thing you can possibly get away with.


Make anything a square, and it’s automatically minecraft-able.  Immediately I thought of simply gathering a bunch of empty boxes for the kids to play with. I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t like a box.  And I knew I would be able to procure them for free.  Activity, check.

IMG_1519 IMG_2113bwm IMG_2234

I had been in a fairly long stretch of not feeling fantastic when I had begun mustering party plans. Therefore I was in “the simpler, the better” mode. I thought, brownies= dirt clods. Dessert, check.

Which, in theory, totally could have worked.  The trouble is, if you know me at all, you know two very specific things: cakes are the one annual fun “mom memory” thing that I do. And also, my brain won’t sit still.  It turns out that I just couldn’t let it be at brownies.  The brownies concept briefly evolved into the idea of outsourcing petit fours for the baking part to make less work for me while I still did the decorating, but I just wasn’t feeling it. For some reason, I had decided that pixelation was significantly important to me, and I couldn’t let it go. After a bit of internet searching, I found the perfect solution here. Although, I didn’t prefer the plain squareness of the cake, so I added some brownies on the side for depth (and also just in case there wasn’t enough cake.  I am a terrible portion and quantity estimator).


Construction issues did arise during assembly, but I just kept on gluing with ganache and hoping for the best.  Some areas were less successful than others, but overall we did end up with a pixelated cake.  Even the portion estimation wasn’t terribly far off, by grace. *insert hallelujah hands here*


Then there was the pinata that I didn’t exactly really want to do. (I actually enjoy the pinata construction for the most part. It’s the purchasing of the candy and trinkets with which to fill it of which I am not a fan). However, the first excited thing out of the birthday boy’s mouth was about having a pinata. I obliged.

Squareness to the rescue again.  No paper mache required.  This is a cake box, taped shut and covered with crepe paper streamer squares.  We do pull-string pinata’s around here, so I did cut a flap in the top for filling as well as  a flap in the bottom to thread the strings through (which was taped shut and disguised). Here is what was left of the pinata, post maiming.

Creeper pinata gonna creep.

Other party sources:

Food labels were printed from here and displayed in bristle blocks. We had coal (raisins), trap doors (cheese its), sticks (pretzels), gold (cheese cubes), emeralds (green grapes), and cobblestone (rice cereal treats).

IMG_2091wm IMG_2092wm

The red TNT party favor boxes contained a gold nugget (Rolo), chocoloate rocks (purchased from Oriental Trading), and minecraft-type stickers which I printed on full sheet label sticker paper and cut out from the idea here.  IMG_2090wm

Also, the font on the additional labels (printed on card stock) and also on the cake board (printed on the sticker paper), I produced using this site.

If you click on any of the links I shared, or do a google search, you will quickly learn that there are no less than one million an two other minecraftyish possibilites out there that I didn’t decide to use. The possibilities are limitless.  Also, Wal-Mart carries pixel patterned plates and napkins (not pictured, but most certainly used).

But enough about the party resources. What about the birthday boy? Here’s a little survey.

What’s the best thing about being 5? Riding my new bicycle


Oh my heart: his trike at his 1st birthday vs. his bike at has 5th birthday.

I live with Mommy and Daddy and J.
My pet is a cute fish called Snuggles.

My mom’s name is Becca.
She is “I don’t know”. years old. “How old are you?
She weighs 100 pounds.
Her favorite thing to do is play and having fun and she loves us.
She does not like to work.
She likes to eat vegetables
She likes to drink water
I like it when she jumps

(C interrupts: “Now let’s talk about J. J should play with me but she did not because she wanted to read. But she is a good sister because she is nice. I love J.”)
My dad’s name is Brett.
He is 30-25 years old.
He weighs 64-60.
His favorite thing to do is watching football.
He does not like to go work. No one does. Except J.
He likes to eat fruit.
He likes to drink apple juice.
I like it when he loves us.
I love it when Mom or Dad cooks hamburgers.
My favorite food to eat is grilled cheese.
I don’t like to eat vegetables.
My favorite place to eat is McDonalds.
My favorite color is every single color. (C: “And write the colors.” Me: “No.”)
What makes me happy? playing with toys
What makes me sad? not playing video games
What I’m afraid of is ghosts and tigers and lions and cheetahs
What is my favorite thing to do? play video games
What I wish for is more, um, 160 money.
If I could go anywhere, I’d go to Italy.
My favorite holiday is my birthday.
My favorite toy is Minecraft
My favorite animal is Snuggles the fish.
My favorite book is hide and go seek book
My favorite song is Everything Is Awesome
My favorite game is Skylanders
My favorite thing to do at school is doing the new school work
What I know about Jesus is the Bible
When I grow up I want to be a policeman
I love mommy and daddy and J and J and mommy the best and I like 3, I love all of you.

C: “Now can I write whatever I want?” canaanbvchbvfhtzhdkddoo can abcdzsddsaSFSATDATW wondeR kidsdshsddhysddhhgdfgfvgdfgdvfg MmZaAFWRteffffgfggtgcacdffxxccaacacaxcancanaan

There you have it.  A Minecraft party and a 5 year old. Be there, and be square.


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