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Piano Repurposing, Baby Steps 1 & 2


We have made a small step of progress in the piano repurposing department. I say baby step, because there is still a whole lot of piano left to repurpose, and I have no idea when we will get around to it. I couldn’t be happier. I never have been satisfied with anything about this particular wall over the past 3 years in this house, ever. Alas, its time simply had not yet come. We just had to wait on all of the pieces to come together, and now I’m at peace with the wall.


Are you wondering how the piano works into this?  Those two screens on the wall were attached to the back of the old piano.  I’m guessing its purpose was as a sound screen or dust screen, which probably did help with the back over the past 100 years. However, with the under the keys part, it didn’t help so much.

I painted the screens with leftovers we had from our bedroom.  We used Martin Senour paint, but the color is based off of the “Intellectual Gray” by Sherwin Williams. The items are a combination of stuff we already had around the house and the acquisitions of recent treasure hunting.  The best part is reclaimed wood that was in our yard when we moved in.  My handy husband transformed it into a shelf just because he loves me.

Step #2: I’m not sure if we have completed this step yet or not, but it’s how it will be for awhile.  We have mounted the front panel of the piano over the fireplace.  I really like this structural piece here, especially since our mantle is just a thin stretch of wood on metal brackets.  We may eventually refinish or paint it,  but not any time soon. For now you get to admire the sun faded wood, which is kind of fun from a historical perspective.  I was told that it used to sit by a window at a funeral home.  That was before it sat in someone’s basement for a decade. Talk about a change of scenery.



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