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I’ll Be Doing What Frozen Things Do in Summer

I’m melting: yes of heat, but mostly of exhaustion.

I’m a kick-the-kids-out-of-the-house-to-play, drink out of the water hose if you get thirsty kind of mom. But we are nearing that point in the summer where I reasonably have to allow them to spend at least a little more time inside to cool off. It’s just plain hot. (That’s not a complaint. Hotness and I are okay friends. It’s simply an observation of setting.)IMG_0973wm

Well, I would kick the children outside, that is, in those few moments that we are actually home. We have two weeks left of summer before school starts. I presently have zero non-extra scheduled days for the summer. When I began this draft several days ago, I had 3. And then there were none. To quote my instagram, even my eyelashes are tired.

2 weeks until school resumes. Summer is rarely

2 weeks until school resumes. Summer is rarely “relaxing” for ministry families (and others too, I am sure). From the get-go this summer has been non-stop full: full of wonderful things with wonderful people, commitments, and celebrations that I am grateful for and wouldn’t wish away for the world. That said, even my eyelashes are tired. And we aren’t done yet. Sometimes when I am going about my day, pushing through housework (on the rare occasion that we are actually home), I grab ahold of this bundle of lovelies and take a big whiff. 5 seconds of rest and soothing. I’m glad God thought of this stuff. Tomorrow isn’t exactly commitment-less, but I am rejoicing in not having to set an alarm. I’m rolling out the hippy oils in full force tonight. #Lavender, take me away. #giveUsRest

 So what have we been up to? Well, there has been the regularly scheduled programming of church,
swim club, and music lessons,as well as the semi-additional activities of appointments and swim meets.
 Weddings, VBS, 3 camps, a mission trip, a handful of parties, car repairs, kayaking, library trips, fishing,
the occasional date, and the proverbial partridge in a pear tree almost account for the rest of the time.
Still to come in these last 2 weeks are more of the regular/ semi-additional stuff (minus swim club because that’s on break now), a few more parties of various origins, a concert, a get-together with my sister before she moves from 3 to 11 hours away, and the 2nd annual inLight Family Feast. (All of which I am really looking forward to, lest you mistake the facts for complaining). I did get a good day of school planning in last week thanks to camp for one kid and a sleepover for the other, but somewhere in there, I do have to tie up my loose ends before home-schooling officially begins.
I’m fairly unsuccessful at relaxing in my own home because of all the stuffs-to-do, so my unwinding time has recently been found in hauling the family to a friend’s house to corporately watch episodes of American Ninja Warrior.
While we were on our mission trip, I actually felt at rest amidst the busyness. I found it in admiring beauty. We worked on a particular project, the purpose of which was to remind the community of original beauty. Participating in this sort of made me feel as though I was in an old-school episode of Sesame Street… you know, where they found letters and shapes around the city… where you were helped to look beyond the obvious.
The obvious has a way of overwhelming us. It’s in the intricacies that we can sometimes find the spaces in which to breathe. Rest in choosing to see the beauty amidst the busy.  That’s part of what sustains me.
That, the grace of God, and my hippy oils.
Happy remainder of summer.

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