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A Tribute to World Donkey Day, Homeschool Style

We’ve had some space to fill in the homeschooling department. It’s getting close to the end of the school year.  J has completed half of her curricula, some of the remaining subjects with less work left than others.  Co-op is finishing up and the proverbial ants are in our pants. Yes, the end is drawing nigh.

J had recently completed her final test on Shiloh and I wasn’t sure what would be to follow. The fact that I was able to spread this book out over several weeks is pretty laughable, considering that Shiloh is *this small*,


and the stories that J typically reads for fun (in about two days) are *this big*. download (1)wm

(She is presently delighting herself in all things Redwall.)

I had no other plans for the rest of the school year in the reading department, (and really per the whole aforementioned bookworm scenario I didn’t feel as though this was a problem). But J had also recently finished reading Flash: The Homeless Donkey Who Taught Me about Life, Faith, and Second Chances.  Flash Book Coverhenrywm

So I figured: she had read it, I had read it… let’s make school. 😉

Obviously we needed to have some discussions about rough drafts and revisions.  IMG_8389wm

J convinced me that her made up word “determanated” was better than the real word. I kind of agree with her.
flash 2

I think it’s safe to say that J liked the book.


My favorite parts of J’s story:”When I go to the bathroom, I will have privacy. That is very important.”

“I must bray when nobody suspects it. It’s funny to watch people jump in surprise.”

flash 4bWe used Flash for a little artistic inspiration.IMG_8371wmIMG_8377wmI didn’t paint, but Henry (Flash’s buddy) got some attention from me during Drawing at co-op.henrywmWe read about donkeys in Bible times.

We also read about how donkeys today are of absolutely vital economic importance in developing countries. Upon learning that a donkey can mean life or death for families around the world, we decided to help purchase livestock for a family in need through Samaritan’s Purse.

Yes, we even played a rousing game of pin-the-fower-on-Flash. Cheeks pretty much decided to be Flash. 

We were hoping to visit an actual donkey, but we just weren’t able to fit it into our schedule this week.  Just so this post isn’t entirely live donkey-less, here is a flashback (see what I did there?) to the farm we stayed at last October over fall break in Texas. The kids loved feeding the cats, sheep, and donkey every morning.IMG_6314wm Happy World Donkey Day!

(You should probably celebrate by getting Flash’s book. It’s available in print, Kindle, and audio. Just brayin’ sayin’.)


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