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Scallops Have Eyes (and Other Vacation Experiences)

There are two types of travelers: those who sleep, and those who don’t.IMG_5466

When we got to my parents’ house in Florida, we got the special once-in-a-decade experience of seeing my uncle for a little while, too!IMG_7077wm

After travel day, we had beach day.  The weather truly couldn’t have been more perfect. Cheeks did a happy dance.


There was frolicking involved.IMG_7810wmIMG_7808wmI found a live scallop and showed it to J. It spit. True to J form, she asked about 1 million 925 questions (give or take) about said scallop and took care of it as her own. She buried it in the sand to hide it from birds while she wasn’t around, and would go back and check on it periodically.  One of the many questions that she asked was what all the little blue dots were.  Do you see them? Me either. Because they’re pretty much the size of pin heads.  But I did see them when she pointed them out in person.  This is when I thanked God for the resource of Google, and when we learned that scallops have eyes.
IMG_7825wmGrandaddy’s inflatable kayak was one of the boy’s favorite activities.IMG_7831wmIMG_7839wmHere he is being mischievous… acting like he was helping to pull the Rev in, but then he pushed him back out again. Sneaky.IMG_7858wmWe built a sandcastle fortress, complete with moat.
IMG_5508I donned my floppy hat.IMG_5514We also got strange sunburn lines because you shouldn’t try to apply spray sunscreen in the wind. Duly noted.
Good times were had by all.  

It was also Pi Day. (3.14). Therefore, we ate pie. This was a terrific idea. One should always eat pie on Pi Day.


Day 2: friend day!

We were blessed to worship with our lovely Lici…

IMG_5573…and visit some other friends whom we don’t get to see nearly often enough.  Soul refreshing.IMG_5616
IMG_5615J has a kindred early riser in Grandaddy. So they would get up before the sun and galavant  off to the dock.IMG_7268wm After their morning adventure, we visited what Cheeks refers to as “the jungle”.  IMG_5642 He thought these little guys liked him and wanted to be his friend.IMG_5641But really he was more interested in the maps than the animals.

Day 4 was St. Patrick’s Day. It was also the Rev’s special day to go off by himself and watch the Detroit Tiger’s spring training in Tampa.  IMG_7889wm

IMG_7895wmIMG_7886wmThe rest of us pretty much just chilled and swam at the neighbor’s pool.

Day 5 was Busch Gardens day! J said that it’s better than Disney, and I tend to agree with her. That’s  probably because we are more ride-people than see-people-dressed-up people.  IMG_5854 Here’s J about to ride her first big coaster. She was tall enough to ride some of the big ones, and the others she was just a smidgen too short. Like, so close that she probably has grown enough since we’ve been back from vacation.  So close that we probably could have fudged it. But she’s a rule follower, and I’m certainly not going to try to break her of that. She was simultaneously bummed and relieved. But now she feels as though she has to go back when she is tall enough. I’m pretty okay with that.
Here we are about to board the Cheetah Hunt. (If you know her at all, you know that she was thrilled that her first big coaster was cheetah themed).IMG_5895
While J and I rode, the grandparents got on the sky tram thingy with Cheeks and took him over to the Treetops playground while the Rev walked the stroller over there. Then J and I followed suite in the sky.
IMG_5835Cheeks LOVED this playground. And once again, he was equally as thrilled with the maps.


Dad and I snuck off to get his first major ride in of the day.  It was such a great day for the more wild-riders… the more in-between family friendly lines had a few long waits (not too bad), but the more thrilling rides had practically no lines at all! Score!  Here we are after riding the Kumba.

(That’s a happy face I’m making, not a terrified face. My jaw just shows its crookedness the further that I open it.  And that’s about as wide as it goes. I do have plans to fix the TMJ monster in the works, hallelujah.)

The Sheikra was probably my favorite ride.  There were loops but it wasn’t dizzy-loopy.  I particularly enjoyed that 90 degree drop.  This is a front-row must. The view was fantastic. Falling is my favorite. (As long as there’s no abrupt stop at the end).IMG_7518Toward the end of the day when J was off doing some of the in-between coasters with the Rev and Grandaddy, GranWendy and Cheeks and I went back to the Treetops.  I allowed him to soak himself. Check out the muscles on this kid. Sheesh.


We also came within a few inches of a tiger. But those inches were separated by glass, and not just air.

Day 6 was traveling day again.  We had some absolutely fantastic gourmet popsicles at The Hyppo. J got The Elvis. I got Avacado Coconut, and Cheeks and the Rev shared Blackberry Lemonade.IMG_5914It’s no secret that Cheeks loves big cities, and he had taken a recent interest in Atlanta, so we stopped by at Max’s Coal Oven Pizzaria on the way home, just so he could see the city. (Plus the Rev and I really like Max’s. It was a good excuse). We may have extended the stop, but the weather was cold and wet and not conducive to hauling kids around a city just for fun.

In fact, Cheeks is sitting on my lap as I type this and he said, “I want to go back to Atwanta. Now. And live there. For a little while. I want to live at the Cartoon Network. And I want to eat pizza again. Now.”

This is a picture from my dad’s camera during one of my many galavants with J. Here’s to vacation.



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