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I *Heart* Watoto.

Heaven on Earth. That’s what this is.


I won’t say too much because I have many pictures and videos to do the talking for me.
We were blessed to host some of the girls that came to lead worship with the Watoto Children’s Choir at our church. It was love at first sight.  They just oozed Jesus, and I was hooked.  It will always be a special memory for our family. J was crying when we had to drop them off at their bus…  I may have been close behind her.

Here are a few clips from the evening.

Meet our girls. They make my heart smile SO big.
IMG_8012wmIMG_7952wmIMG_7977wmIMG_7947wmIMG_8000wmIMG_7963wm(Some people said that the boy in the red shorts looks like Cheeks.)IMG_7988wm  They loved our hair,IMG_8025wmbut they were especially fascinated with the Rev’s hair. “His hair is hard!” Not once do I think they ever said anything about his beard, amusingly.IMG_6094I enjoyed their hair also. IMG_7983wmThey tried to teach J some of their Ugandan games…

IMG_8032wm…and J showed them a little bit on the piano.IMG_8039wmI love them to pieces.

The girls were especially kind to indulge my request for a throwback to the Watoto classic, “I Am Not Forgotten”, since it wasn’t a part of their worship set.

I miss them already.

IMG_8051wmAfter the concert, J got an elephant that she named “Mr. Polka Dots.”  She had the girls sign him as something to remember them by and as a reminder to pray for Watoto.IMG_8060wmCheeks got a giraffe, which he has been toting almost everywhere. He named it after himself. (His real name, not his nickname).

We also purchased a CD. Cheeks hauled the neighbor friends inside, hit play and declared, “Those are my fwiends! Wisten!”

I am so thoroughly impressed with how the choir operates like a well-oiled machine.  They are incredibly organized, respectful, polite, grateful, and jubilant.  Most importantly: they are rescued, spiritually and physically. Their hearts are so beautiful, along with their voices.

When our church prepared a meal for them, they sang the prayer beforehand. And this is how they thanked us. (It’s also how Cheeks hums “tada” at the end, and how J eats pie. Clearly we are not the well-oiled manners machine. My apologies.)

If you are unfamiliar with Watoto, the ministry rescues vulnerable women and children, brings them into a family community, provides for them, and raises them up as responsible adults to rebuild and restore their community. I know that I’ve given you a lot to watch, but I’d strongly encourage you to watch this to learn more. 



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