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Stop and Smell the Putrid Trees

Naturally, when we got home from vacation, the first thing that I did was to reorganize my closet and the play room. No, I didn’t unpack first, because that would mean moving some items twice and that’s simply not practical.  I am constantly changing things in my house… I’m sure it makes the hole-ridden walls and my  husband weary. Thankfully, neither of them are too vocal about it and they lovingly take it in stride.

I’ve commenced Spring Cleaning mode around here, and for some reason I decided that meant finally painting 3 end tables, a stool (well, actually it’s a small table that I use as a stool because it’s just the right height to go with my vanity), and our chandelier.  I’d be working on more various and sundry items in need of updating over the actual “cleaning” part as we speak (because I’m a lover of projects and once I’m in project mode it’s hard to come out), except that amidst the process of distressing the tables I sort of distressed my thumb and sanded part of my fingerprint off. So I’ll have to take a little break. That’s what I get for pilfering the last of the Rev’s good woodworking sandpaper. (Just kidding, I didn’t really pilfer it. He offered it to me freely. I think he loves me, just maybe).

I have no before picture of the stool/table, but the top was a scratched and faded natural finish, and the legs were a very dark green that appeared black. After:

IMG_7925 wm

The chandelier before was just your plain old somewhat rusty, non-fancified 1960’s brass. Chandelier after:


End tables before:


End tables after:  IMG_7918wmIMG_7922wmgrey table 1wmIMG_7927wmIMG_7928wm

I know that grey may not be for everyone, but it’s my favorite and it makes me happy.

I have probably been forcing myself to power-through my physical state of health more than I probably should, but with the kids gone to the playground with a neighbor, I was determined to keep going.  After an already full morning I took my first shower in 3 days and was determined to power- through and get at least a gagillion more things done before they got back. (We know that this was an unrealistic decision since “gagillion” isn’t in fact a real number. At least I don’t think it is. Whatever… if it’s big enough for me not to know, it’s not realistic).

But God has this way of forcing needed rest upon me when I refuse it, and so after carrying something out to the van, I found re-entry into my abode rather difficult as the door had locked behind me. (I don’t know who came up with these confounded new locks that will open from the inside even when locked to the outside so that you don’t realize that it’s locked, but I’m not a fan. I’ve probably locked myself out more times since getting these new locks than I have fingers and toes to count on. It’s just that usually someone lets me back in).  What’s that you say? Don’t you have a spare key hidden somewhere, you say? Maybe I do, maybe I don’t. Maybe my husband also locked himself out of the house this morning and accidentally kept the spare key in his pocket. Maybe his pocket was an hour and a half away from home doing a service project with the students, and so maybe we didn’t have a spare to spare.


So all of this forced me to take a lovely walk in absolutely perfect weather down the road to a neighbor who was home. Because since my phone was in the house, I needed to borrow one to call the hubs to tell the friend who had the kids that in case of emergency, just drive to me. And I also borrowed said neighbor-with-phone to try to break into my house for me.  (Yes, I had already attempted. And failed.) I was grateful that all of this occurred after my 3-days-overdue shower. So the only thing stinky about me was my horseradish cheese breath. (Yes, really. It’s delicious. The cheese, not the after-breath.)  We ended up with two reinforcements who also could not break in. (Props to the new locks, I suppose).  Finally one of them found a window partially unlatched and was able to finagle his way inside. I had already tried the window too, but I’m wimpy. Now that all the house keys are back in their rightful place, the window latch situation has been remedied as well.

Truly though, other than the whole being locked out part, the excuse to breathe 70-something degree air and not work inside the house was refreshing. I probably would have only stepped outside to get in the car otherwise, and that would have been a shame.  We are blessed to be having this stinking fresh air. And I mean stinking, because those Bradford Pear blossoms smell rancid. I shall require an essential oils allergy-bomb shortly. But still, it was lovely.

Should you be curious, the paint that I use and love is Blackberry House Paint. (Above colors: Creek Bed & Home Cooked Bread) and wax (Barely Brown).  Other items in my home that said paint has been used on are my vanity (Fresh Eggs), vanitymirror,IMG_3895wm

(the vanity and mirror were done for me by a precious friend and I’ve been hooked on the paint thereafter),

J’s desk, IMG_6748wmand the vintage tool tote on the table (Well Water).


[ In case I haven’t mentioned it before, the Rev is becoming rather crafty himself with his wooden rings and various projects I throw his way.  I am especially a fan of Rev’s Glorious Beard Balms, because they make his beard non-pokey and it smells good. You should buy some for the bearded wonder in your life. ]

This is the day the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.  -Psalm 118:24


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