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I Am Far Too Easily Amused.

You may know that I don’t sleep much. (If you don’t know this, where have you been? Clearly not wasting your time on my social media. Which is probably a good thing).

This morning after being tired of not being able to fall back asleep, I finally partook of this suggestion:

“The fact I can see it as an excuse for the next few weeks of a sudden it was the “

That’s what I got. But why stop with the middle button? There are 3 buttons after all… I felt as though my options were nearly limitless, like the drink mixing flavor options at Sonic.

Left button:

“I love you so much fun and I have to be a good day to be a good time to “

Right button: 

“I’m just like a lot to be able the first place I have no clue who I was in my “

(The first time I did the right button I got, “I’m just like a baby I can be found at a ooooooooo”, which is potentially my favorite).

Left to right:

“I don’t think I can get a follow from you would like it was the only one that I have”

Right to left:

“I’m not sure how I feel bad about it but it is the only one of my life I love “


“I have a good idea but I think it’s a little more than the one who can I just got”

Right left mid:

“I’m not going anywhere in life and I don’t have to go home and sleep and I don’t have to “

I may just have a new insomniatic hobby. But I’ll insert this disclaimer: these things are significantly more amusing on only 3 hours of sleep. 😊


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