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How to Have a Snow Day, Southern Style.

10998085_10154317624689619_1975546043519777036_nIt happened, y’all. It snowed for real.  Not just flurries. Not ice that sort of resembled snow on its way down. Legitimate, fluffy, good-for-packing snow (that was worth the adults actually going outside and playing in too) has graced our presence.  It may already be melting, but it was fun snow. And indeed it was very good.

So how does one celebrate a snow day in the south?

-First of all, if it comes down at night, you go out in it at night. Because it may not be there in the morning.


My kids absolutely melted my heart. They were playing away and I heard them joyfully exuding praise after praise to God for the snow. I may have shed a frozen little tear over my children’s overflowing and unprompted expression of love for the Lord and their appreciation in that moment for the good gifts that He gives.  Here’s a snippet: J: “Thank you God for this snow night!” C: “Yes! Thank you God for this gweat snow you made it for us!”

-You allow your 4-year-old to chase you relentlessly, even on into the house, as if you were Theo and Cockroach running away from the neighbors with your beloved Shakespeare record whilst repeatedly being pegged in the back. Because the snow may not be there in the morning.


-If you want the toilet that is still on the patio to bother you a little less, you intentionally integrate it into the scenery. (Even though it will still be there in the morning.)

When you’re made of snow and you’ve gotta go…

IMG_7726wm IMG_7732wm

-If it’s almost 10 o’clock at night and you realize that you’ve forgotten to make snow cream, you haul the child that is still awake out of bed and make it, even though you know that this won’t help her sleep.  Because again, it may not be there in the morning.

-If you’re the Rev, you decide that snow-ball fights with the students on a church night are a very spiritual thing. I mean, it would just be wrong not to enjoy God’s creation during a once-in-a-decade experience. And if you’re the Rev, you also wipe out on the tile floor while running inside to escape the snowball barrage. If you’re his wife, you blog about it as it makes for entertaining blog reading.

And when the snow IS still there in the morning?

-Under no circumstances do you actually sleep in. Because it may not still be there later in the morning.  You bundle up over your pajamas and you head outside to play in the snow with the neighbors.

-You hit people.



(His face is white around his mouth because Cheeks spent a lot of the morning snacking on the snow.  I actually had to ensure that I gave the “don’t eat yellow snow” speech for legitimate reasons.)

-And you build things.

IMG_7767wm IMG_7768wm

There was Sam the Snowman’s long lost cousin IMG_7792wm

And a sea turtle. (Because that’s perfectly logical?)

IMG_7790wm IMG_7787wm

Confession: I let J help squirt the food coloring some, but this part entailed a lot of my repeating things like, “Don’t touch my snow turtle. Build your hill with your sister.” The sun was coming out and I was rushing to complete my art therapy before the snow melted. And if I’m honest, I’m not so good at sharing when it comes to creating. (Like, total mom-fail on a regular basis in this department. Now if it’s THEIRS, I let them do it their way.  But if it’s mine, don’t throw off my groove. When the kids asked me why I wouldn’t paint something of my own too when they were painting the other day, I told them I just can’t do it. I can’t focus on what I’m doing and be interrupted by them and enjoy it. I just don’t play well with others in that way. It’s an admittedly sad state for 32 year old woman. :-p ) Just ask the Rev about the time when I was still in high school that he tried to “help” my similarly-minded friend and me make Baklava for a school project. It could probably be summed up as “Help by not helping.”

-You take nature photos.
There are days when I think that I would prefer to live further out in the country again. But on days like today, when there are good neighbors on the corner for the kids to play with, and when the towering trees are beautifully blanketed in snow, I’m extra grateful for this established neighborhood. It’s just right for us right now.
IMG_7770wmI absolutely love this pic that the Rev took. Sometimes cotton is the only “southern snow” that we see. I loved the irony of the snow today looking like cotton instead. IMG_7784wm-Then you rejoice when some other friends invite the kids over to play in their igloo. You say yes to them staying outside in the cold after being outside for hours, not only because they may not get to do so ever again, but also because you are relieved to sit in a quiet house! Thank you, igloo-building friends who DO play well with others!

-Finally, one must celebrate the snow day by blowing up social media with snow day pictures. Because if you don’t document it, you might forget that it really happened.


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