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A Summary of Celebration

Some 9-year-olds go to Chucke-E-Cheese’s for their birthday.

Mine went to college.

Not that my girl doesn’t love a good to jaunt Mr. Cheese’s.  She does. But her old soul also legitimately enjoys things such as old cemeteries,

IMG_3741 IMG_3740

antique shops,


bookstores, & babysitters.


She also thoroughly enjoys food.  I received the fro yo pic from her hostess with the mostest which read, “I let her overload for once and learned a valuable lesson in parenting.” 😉

Sometimes your awesome students turn into awesome adults who delight in your kids and are willing to get special permission from their RA for a college sleepover, just to make the kid’s 9th birthday awesome too.  We don’t do big parties every year, and this was an “off” year. But we were at the Texas State Fair on Cheeks’ birthday, (and if you ask him the whole Texas vacation was for his birthday. It wasn’t, but so long as he feels special I guess…) J never complained about it just being a “cake with family” year, but I still wanted to work something special in this time, still without the party full of peers and an overload of gifts she doesn’t need. I just felt as though she was in need of an extra dose of special right now.

A few days later, we had the cake day.  Giz & Poppa came over on the Sunday afternoon before her evening performance with the children’s choir at church.  J’s special request for a cake this year was a rainbow ruffle cake.  IMG_7114wm

When I finished making it, I couldn’t help but think, “Rainbow Brite would be proud.”  At which point I realized that J had no idea who Rainbow Brite was. So I educated on her what I could remember about Rainbow Brite, her magical horse Starlite, and the color kids. We may just have to find an 80’s cartoon viewing opportunity soon.

J opened her gift in the special red chair.  (If it weren’t for the Skylanders and bar stools in the background, I’d say this setting would be worthy of hosting an Episode on Masterpiece Theater.  Watch out Laura Linney).


J’s most prized gift of the day was this quilt hand-made by Grandma. IMG_7141wm

She sprawled out on it and declared, “This is the perfect moment.” IMG_7143wm

We posed for family pictures…

IMG_7163wm IMG_7168wm

…and then she blew out her 9 candles.


Happy 9 years, J! Our world is brighter because you are in it.


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