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Rake the Leaves, Deck the Halls.

The annual gargantuan leaf pile is a favorite for the kids.IMG_6737wmIMG_6722wm  IMG_6742wmIMG_6734wm

Truth be told, it’s not one of my favorite things. I’m rather allergic to decay. Typically the annual leaf pile results in extra breathing treatments for the littlest, additional slathering of hippy oils for everyone, and so much gets tracked inside that I sometimes wonder if I am still outside. Evidently the trade-off  of hacking up half a lung is worth the excitement of jumping into a crunchy pile which will most certainly be rediscovered 3 days later in its entirety as a finely crushed powder, heaped inside the 4-year-old’s rain boot.

Then there is the mid-November Christmas decorating & card-mailing prep. If this isn’t done in mid November, we’d miss the window of having one free night to get it done, and then we wouldn’t have done anything at all come January… (in regard to home decorating, that is.)  Some people call it over-achieving. I call it making life fit. I find this endeavor quite a bit more delightful than I do the leaf pile.

I’m sure it helps that I don’t lick the envelopes.

For one thing, J goes “all-in” on everything “special”… which in this case means decorating in earmuffs and a winter tutu.


Cheeks still enjoys anything that lights up.IMG_6770wmIMG_6789WM

Every year we buy a new snowman ornament. J picked this one out at a “vintage market”.  It’s made out of buttons. IMG_6773wm

The table is Christmas-i-fied.  IMG_6796WM

The stockings are hung.IMG_6788wm

This year we plan on beginning a new tradition of really celebrating Advent.  We’ve never really done much in regards to Advent outside of what the church does on Sunday mornings.  But then I read about this book, and since I love pretty much every little word that comes out of Ann Voskamp‘s pen, I knew it would be just what I was looking for. Thus, Unwrapping the Greatest Gift is displayed beside what is to be our Jesse Tree… IMG_6797WM

…alongside my sweet little babies…*swoon*IMG_6795WM  …who are now my little-bit-bigger babies feasting on cookies and milk.  IMG_6767wm


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