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It’s a Treat!

For what my Throwback Thursdays and Timehops haven’t covered, let’s take a walk down memory lane for some TOTing through the years:
J as a: giraffe, fairy, ballerina, Curious George (and the Rev as the Man in the Yellow Hat… thus beginning the first of many family themed events.)

halloween throwback 1Enter Cheeks into our home, less than a week before the throes of dress-up and candy (although he was about a month old).  J’s Minnie Mouse ensemble had already been planned, and as smiles would have it (or as I like to call them, God hugs), someone sent Cheeks this cute little Mickey Mouse sleep sack as a gift (and not necessarily intended as a costume), without any foreknowledge of J’s ensemble. It was meant to be.

We broke away from the family themes because when you have a 1-year-old with a mohawk, you just can’t help but make him Mr. T.  That set the bar high, and I don’t think we will ever rise to it again.  J was Wonder Woman that year, and the Rev was Dr. Who (the 4th to be specific… I think. I’m sure he’ll correct me if I’m wrong.) The scarf was knit by one of our former students and is rather impressive.

Then there was Batman, Catwoman, Batgirl, and mini Batman.halloween throwback2Keeping in the realm of supers, last year we had SpiderMan & SpiderGirl, along with Peter Parker and Mary Jane (that would be me).
I have this habit of picking up costumes on clearance after Halloween if they are really cheap, and I figure if we don’t use them for anything official, the kids can use them for dress up.  (Although truth be told, my kids hardly ever play dress-up unless their friends who like to dress up are over, so I’m not sure why I keep doing this).  We were set this year to be all 4 ninja turtles, but the adults never actually tried on their costumes ahead of time, and the Rev couldn’t squeeze into his even if we slicked him with Crisco (which we didn’t), so I’m not sure if any of us had the right masks with the correct corresponding bodies and the Rev had a very last minute wardrobe change to Casey Jones. I was rather impressed with what he put together in 10 minutes, and I think he’s more attractive as the TMNT fellow crime fighter rather than a turtle anyway. Although I have to admit, I was rather disappointed at how many people at Trunk or Treat didn’t know who Casey Jones was. Clearly there needs to be some group throwback TMNT viewings or something…

Halloween 2013 2014

And then of course there is LIVE with Kelly & Michael.  I was at the dentist earlier this week for my regularly scheduled cleaning, which I find sort of ironic as a precursor to a weekend of candy consumption.  Anyway, I was watching Kelly & Michael on the TV, and in between spit-sucking and trying to reset my TMJ jaw so that it would actually open and not lock, I mentioned how any time I see Michael Strahan it makes me think of Cheeks, because they having matching hair and more prominently, a matching tooth-gap. (And while we’re on the subject of teeth, if the rest of his teeth stay straight, I hope that Cheeks doesn’t want to correct his gap. I find it too adorable on him.)  And then I was struck with the realization that Trunk or Treat is the night before Trick or Treat, and we have a whole other night, and I could totally pull off dressing the kids up as Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan for the 2nd night. So I did. And we were all amused. The end.


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