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Iiiiiii… I quit. *Snaps Fingers*

I’m going to keep this short & sweet. If you are new to the world of my blogosphere, you may have no idea what I’m talking about. And quite honestly, I’m too over it at the moment to fill you in (but you could totally be a creeper and fill yourself in via a plethora of past blogs if you’re that bored).  Basically, I have struggled for years with neurological issues for which the source can’t seem to be pinpointed, although there have been several theories. I play guinea pig with medications, and they make things worse. I’m almost out of options to try anyway. After the last bout of being rendered almost entirely useless, I’ve decided that for now, I’m just flat done. I’m done with paying to poison myself in hopes of getting better. So I’m sucking it up and doing the best with what I’ve got… which may not always be so great. But at least I won’t have paid for the problem.
I quit.
Consider yourselves updated.
The end.

Now I kind of want to go watch That Thing You Do…


One comment on “Iiiiiii… I quit. *Snaps Fingers*

  1. Janice C. Johnson
    October 21, 2014


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