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It’s Educational & Refreshing : Fall Break Part 3

Initially we had planned on a low-key day. It was supposed to rain and we had just spent two days straight outside, so it would be fine.  As we were making our rounds with some antique shops in the morning, someone mentioned the Perot Museum. Being an indoor thing, we scrapped our low-key plans and opted for some indoor discovery.

We were very blessed in that nothing that we attended was crowded: fair, zoo, museum, or otherwise. So it was really easy to just take all the time we wanted to take and really enjoy it thoroughly.
Here J is in front of the wooden mirror… possibly my favorite thing at the museum.20141010_100 Here she is in the bio-lab dissecting fly larvae and searching for chromosomes.20141010_101

After another good but full day, we made the next day our low-key day.  We started out at the original Half-Priced Books store. J was in in absolute heaven.  An hour and a half later, J still was not ready to leave.
(I scored some good finds for school, too. #homeschoolLife )

After lunch we wandered around some lovely little trails in a rather affluent neighborhood. I posted a little about that several weeks ago. Part of the fun of this particular park area was these giant bear sculptures.IMG_6182wm
IMG_6203wmAs you can see by the debris on the walkway, the storm from the day prior did a number on many trees.IMG_6253wmI decided that someone must have been looking at a tree root like this one whenever they invented the idea for camouflage clothing.IMG_6256wmHere are the kids in front of the river.IMG_6243wmJ took this one of the Rev and me.  Also, Cheeks was in it…because you know if you want to take a picture of a 4-year old, he won’t cooperate. But if you ask him not to be in it… he also won’t cooperate. I cropped him out of this one, but fear not: I left him in the other. I’m sure you were terribly concerned. 😉 IMG_6238wmSeeing as it was so delicious the first time around, we had to make another stop by the soda fountain. Cheeks said his root beer float was “crispy”. (I’m pretty sure that’s his terminology for fizzy).

The kids and I spent the rest of the day lounging around the hotel pool while the Rev worked on his sermon notes for the upcoming revival he would be preaching. We topped it off with dinner followed by more movies in bed, which had pretty much become the nightly vacation winding-down ritual.

Part 3 video snippets include: xylophones, interactive bird flying, earthquake simulator, weather reporting, chain reaction contraption, racing, slow motion, robot programming, bio lab, wooden mirror, airflow-lift…


There’s only one part left, I promise! Part 4 is coming…


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