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Trips & Treats: Fall Break Part 2

After the Rev drove straight through the night, we finally made it to Dallas!IMG_2137

That day pretty much consisted of Pappasitos campfire shrimp fajitas, my taking the kids swimming at the hotel pool so the Rev could nap, and a pancake dinner at Ihop. (Unless you are me, which I am. I ordered crepes, which I’d never had before. I decided that they taste like flattened yankee popovers, which I love. I briefly mourned not having ordered a crepe sooner in my life seeing as popovers are fabulous when utterly drenched in butter, and I am a fan of anything warm-butter drenched. Crepes now make that list).

Cheeks loves pancakes, and he loves chocolate, so he devoured his chocolate chocolate chip pancake. Licked the plate clean.


Then there was Cheeks’ ACTUAL birthday. We celebrated at the Texas State Fair! First we took the obligatory “Big Tex” pic. They do say everything’s bigger in Texas (whoever “they” are).  20141010_78

We got there early enough where the workers hadn’t quite all arrived at their posts yet, so we killed some time in the museum-o-cans (which wasn’t its actual name I’m sure)… All manner of Texan can art abounded, such as the Alamo, a cheesburger (can’t remember exactly what this had to do with Texas other than that it was giant), and multiple renditions of Willie Nelson.IMG_2171Cheeks liked anything vehicular the most… the motorcycle ride, crawling in and out of cars at the car show, watching the train display, and above all: steering the swan boats.20141010_88

I also think he rather enjoyed his birthday “cake” for the day: a Reese’s funnel cake. Y’all, I’m more of a savory person overall, but it was fried, drizzly GOODness. 20141010_8220141010_89

J can now add “official pig race cheerleader” to her resume. Her pigs won 2 out of the 3 races. Way to go Sylvester StelLOIN and Christina HOGuilerra.  20141010_83
20141010_87  20141010_86If you know J, you know that she gets excited about pretty much everything. But the pig races and the BMX showcase were her favorite. The BMX showcase was my favorite part as well. The guy doing flatlands broke a world record while we were there, so that was fun. (I’m sorry super-talented “guy” for not remembering your name. If it makes you feel better, I remember pretty much nobody’s name. But it’s the dude with the hat on in the picture. And I remember he’s French, if that counts for anything).20141010_84We had hoped to stay for the night parade, but Cheeks was just too worn out to make it. And it was his birthday, after all. So we went back to the hotel room and watched movies… or as he called it, “The other Texas”.

On Wednesday we headed to the zoo.


J was selected to participate in a bird show in which she raced a bird to pick fake fish out of water. The bird got real fish. I think in this picture J was informing the zoo staffer, “But I don’t have a beak.” (J pointed out that the bird actually won, even though the lady said it was a tie. You can’t fool kids. 😉 ) J thought it was big fun. IMG_6125wm Here’s Cheeks at his favorite exibit containing a playful new baby monkey named Obie.IMG_6152wm IMG_6137wm
Of course J was in absolute heaven being only a few feet away from a Cheetah during that presentation. In case you don’t recall from her birthday last year, Cheetahs are J’s all-time favorite animal. Poor zoo staff, I sure hope they meant it when they said “Feel free to ask any questions”, cuz I’m pretty sure she asked enough for all of us. IMG_6177wm When it was time to feed our own little animals, we had our first ever In-N-Out Burger, which of course called for an obligatory instagram. C’s official critique was, “Mmm, yummy salt.” 20141010_92

After a short break at the hotel, we went out for dessert at a legit 102 year old soda fountain. (Well, I’m sure the fountain itself has been updated). And indeed, it was very good.20141010_93

We wrapped up the evening at a riverfront park with playground. The weather was absolutely divine, and the ducks were adorable. (The kids were cute, too.)20141010_95

Here are your part 2 video snippets: Dallas arrival, fair stuff, bird show at the zoo, and playing with Obie the baby monkey.

I’m sure that all 2 of you are on the edge of your seats awaiting part 3. it’s coming…


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