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Four, Friends & Field Trips: Fall Break Part 1

Recently we returned home from vacation.  It was such a wonderful trip all around, but it’s also so good to be home.  We are filled up and exhausted all at the same time, which is a pretty fair measure of success as far as vacations are concerned.

After J’s soccer game, vacation had officially begun. We made our way to Giz & Poppa’s for Cheeks’ early birthday celebration with the family. The big 4.

Later that evening the Rev & I joined some friends for the grown-ups only portion of our youth group reunion.  You know you’re getting old when you can tell a story that you’ve told a million times and find it just as enjoyable as you did 15(ish) years ago. I believe this is the Rev explaining how stupid we were, and how he makes rules of what not to do based on what we did. (Which is also a sign that you’re getting older).

IMG_2056 IMG_2063

It’s no secret that I enjoy a good church field trip every now and then just for a little change of pace. We had 3 total church field trips over vacation.  The first was at our home-church’s new plant. (The term “home church” is not referring to our present church home, but the one in which we grew up at and were “sent out” from, for lack of a better term.) Many dear friends are involved at the new plant either occasionally or regularly, so we were blessed to see several faces that we love so very much but don’t see very often. The kids opted to stay in “big church” to worship with some of their beloved grown-ups. (Well, that’s why J opted to stay in big church.  Cheeks just wanted to be wherever J was).  I have to admit: J’s note-taking really spoke to me.  She was much more thorough than I was and gleaned some things that I didn’t take hold of until I read them on her pages. Watching her worship in the middle of the aisle flat blessed my socks off. She was in her element that day. It makes my heart happy to know that the presence of God truly make her heart happy.
Since the kids were looking presentable, I took advantage of the 3 minute opportunity to get some “fall pics” on grandma’s deck. You know how miraculous capturing this smile is if you are at all familiar with Mr. Bashful Face-Hider Man. (A.k.a. Cheeks.)IMG_6107wmIMG_6106wm
After lunch that afternoon, we had youth group reunion, part 2. Those of us who could make it brought our kidlets to the park to play.  One of our friends told me that if everyone from the old crew had been able to make it, there would have been close to 50 kids. It sure was fun to see the 17 that made it. IMG_2123IMG_2131

That same night, we left for our primary vacation destination: Texas!

I’ll post more on that later. In the mean time, here are some video snippets from part 1 of our fall break: a little “Happy Birthday”, and a little bit of worship. I’m not always terribly sentimental, but that lovely young lady in the blue pants leading worship alongside her mama was 5 when I first met her. Her brother tucked in the back playing guitar was 2. And now they are leading me. ❤

So long until part 2…


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