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Cleats & Crystals

IMG_5775wmFall soccer season has been absolutely beautiful so far.  The games have been rather fun to watch since the majority of the teams are fairly evenly matched: very close games. (And where it hasn’t been close, we have had the upper hand. Which may not be so fun for the other team, but our kids were thrilled…)

It seems as though the season will be over with as quickly as it has begun… due to some scheduling conflicts J has only one, possibly two games left (if she can make it back from her swim meet in time for some soccer action). I’m glad Giz and Poppa got to come out for one of the earlier games. IMG_5881wm I’m in a little bit of mourning over it since she is having so much fun this season.  This past game was her favorite so far, and I am really proud of her.  I’m always proud of her, but there is an extra level of excitement when you see your kid really not hold back. She didn’t allow her fear of getting hurt choke her up this game, and, I may be a little bit biased as her mother, but I came *this* close to standing up and belting out “This Girl is on Fire”, Alicia Keys style. Fortunately for the rest of those in attendance, my jaw momentarily locked up while cheering for J’s 2nd goal, which was enough to frighten me out of any soulful musical embarrassment that may cause further lock-ups and it quieted me down for a bit. 😉

(In case you are wondering, no I wouldn’t really stand up and belt out loudly in song on the soccer field. But I might sit down and belt out quietly in front of my friends.)

And now for something completely different…
Another home-schooling friend of mine had mentioned these “Mystical Tree” kits from Hobby Lobby. They are an affordable $2.99 (plus 40% off of one of them if you have your coupon handy).  Our guide for Little House in the Big Woods suggested growing your own crystals as a fun activity to correlated with the frost on the window-panes. When I saw these trees and how much easier they would be (and the fact that they are trees and the story takes place in the woods), I thought PERFECT. No mixing of ingredients or pipe cleaners require.  Just take it out of the box, set the tree in the tray, pour the solution in. Voila.

A few hours later, we had these:

IMG_5894wm IMG_5890wmAnd by the evening they had filled out even more.IMG_5913wm IMG_5899wm IMG_5910wm
As of right now, they are still expanding.  The yellow one seems to have slowed down, whereas the green tree is looking more and more like a crown of broccoli.
We spent a very minimal amount of time in J’s book on elements, and she observed them more closely with a magnifying glass, but overall this was just for fun moreso than for a lesson.

Easiest project ever. And affordable.


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