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Because We Pump-Can.


These cute little fellas have been ripe for weeks, but I just couldn’t bring myself to pick them until August was over. And so on September 1st, these came into our home. I love the curly-q.

Seeing as we had a slew of other tiny pumpkins from our “volunteer” that we threw off the porch last fall, I decided to call a home-schooling audible and make the pumpkins a part of our school day. Thus, we picked our experimental pumpkin. (And Google once again became my friend in regard to lesson plan ideas).



J observed the pumpkin. She recorded her observations and drew pictures. She estimated the number of creases, horizontal circumference, height and weight, and she recorded the results.  J predicted whether the pumpkin would float and why, and then we did an experiment to confirm or bust her hypothesis.  IMG_5627wmThis then led to the kids taking a brief scientific break to test whether other things would float… things such as erasers, plastic balls, yarn and Princess Jasmine.IMG_5635

After I pulled the plug on the water experimentation, J got back to the pumpkin. Her next assignment was to estimate the number of seeds in the pumpkin.  How many seeds would you guess are in there? (Go ahead, guess. Participation makes life more fun).

IMG_5634wmJ had been a pretty accurate estimator up until this point.  

Looks can be deceiving.  Before we started digging, her guess was 32 seeds.  As it turns out, there was a whole cavernous space full of seeds that we couldn’t accurately assess pre-digging. 

IMG_5638wmThere were 275 seeds. I have to admit, even I was surprised that that many seeds came out of such a tiny pumpkin.  

After some cutting and pasting of the pumpkin’s life cycle, the day’s pumpkin project was complete.  

(As a side-note: I’m still up in the air as far as what science curriculum to use with J.  She does science experiments at co-op, but it’s more of an enrichment thing than an actual course. Right now we are focused on learning about presidents and states in social studies, so I still have a little time to decide on a science curriculum, as I intend on alternating the subjects.  I have heard good things about Apologia, although I don’t know that I necessarily want to commit an entire year to just land animals, or sea creatures, etc…. if we do Apologia it will probably be Anatomy and Physiology or Chemistry and Physics.  I have also heard some good things about Real Science 4 Kids, and that’s kind of what I’m leaning toward at the moment, but I’m certainly not settled. If you are a home-schooling family and you have an opinion, I would love your input!)

Happy pre-Fall, y’all.


3 comments on “Because We Pump-Can.

  1. oopy25
    September 5, 2014

    Wow! You must live somewhere cooler? I love little pumpkins!

    • thenewbec
      September 6, 2014

      Not really, but we have had a decently mild summer. It’s 88 degrees today. 🙂

      • oopy25
        October 2, 2014


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