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Wonder Twins of the World Unite

Meet Lici, affectionately dubbed my “wonder twin”.


3 years ago at the house of mouse

I know what you’re thinking. Twins? I mean, there is a distinctive height difference after all…

Our twinning has more to do with quirks and ailments and misophoniac tendencies, extreme distaste for words like “knapsack” and repetitive noises… But I digress…

This lady. She has spoken into my life in areas that nobody else has been qualified to speak to. I’m honored that God ordained for me to know her. God-given talent oozes out of her pores. She has used her giftedness in supportive roles for a long time, and we are all blessed for it.

This week Lici began recording her first single. As she has been instagramming snippets, God has used even those little glimpses to bring much needed joy to my week. Because when so much wrongness of the fallen world presses in, there is nothing more freeing than experiencing something that you know is just plain RIGHT.


Music is healing. Anointed artistry takes the peace-washing to a higher level.

I invite you to participate. My Lici girl can’t move forward on this project without prayer and funding. Everything costs. Studio time, musicians, producers, etc… Basically it comes to about 1K a song. I so much want to hear more of her than just that one song. This is not just me being a nice friend… It’s actually almost me being a little bit selfish… Because I have no doubt about the power of God through this lovely and I want that music in my ears and filling my mind!
I urge you, pray big. And if God so lays it on your heart, give big. It’s been a long time coming and I’m bursting with anticipation.

Keep on, sweet Lici. I can’t wait to see how He gets glory from this one.


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