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90 Pounds and Full Hearts


Low country boil, inLight Family Feast style:

I was probably more pumped to help plan this event more than almost anything I have planned in my life. Two and a half years ago we began a Tuesday night service birthed out of a need that we saw and a longing in our hearts.  Our primary purpose was to create a genuine, worshipful, God-centered environment where the young-adult generation would feel welcome, where those who work on Sundays would have an option, and where anybody regardless of age or walk of life could hear truth and have a sense of belonging… no putting on airs. Just grace, worship, community, gospelfamily.  For some, inLight IS their church.  For others, it’s a supplement (for lack of a better term).  I absolutely adore the opportunity to gather regularly with believers from other home church buildings.  Because truth be told, we are the church: the people. Not the signs on the buildings. InLight is my happy place in ministry. I truly love my inLight family, but I may not always be the best at showing it.  So I guess that’s why I got so excited about an avenue that was right up my alley of enjoyment to express that love for them and for God, along with some of our dearest friends.

It was a lot of work with a lot of worth.

So how does one plan a feast for 70? There’s some truth to the statement: “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” We have been blessed with friends with great talent and resources and the generosity and ability with which to share those things. Once again I’d like to extend our genuine, heart-felt thankfulness to those of you who gave of your time, talent and resources. God truly put the perfect team together. Everything got accomplished efficiently and just in time (but not a moment before, lest we think it had anything to do with ourselves! It’s the grace of God, I tell you. I mean that with all my heart.) We were above and beyond blessed by God’s creation of fields, flowers & river, beautiful weather, and a pink-painted sky. That part was perfection.

We were also very blessed with compliant kiddos along for the haul of preparation.


Our low country boil entailed:

IMG_0616 IMG_0618

  • 25 lbs of potatoes
  • 22 lbs of shrimp
  • 10 lbs of scallops
  • 16 lbs of kielbasa 
  • 50 ears of corn (12 lbs?)
  • an undetermined amount of garden zucchini
  • shrimp boil seasoning
  • 5 lbs of butter
  • DSC_0099-4
  • a farm, a river, & quilted hay bales  DSC_0026-5 DSC_0088-4
  • wild flowers, soda bottles, sweet tea, lemonade & mason jarsIMG_0562DSC_0019-4DSC_0186-4IMG_0572 IMG_0614    
  • rough cut tables, tree stumps, feed buckets, burlap sacks, oil lamps, barn-wood signs & various & sundry all-around wonderful old things
  • DSC_0032-4IMG_0586DSC_0012-5 DSC_0134-3DSC_0151-4 DSC_0033-5IMG_0610IMG_0615DSC_0003-5
  • cedar trunks, garden lights, campfire, guitars, mandolin & voicesDSC_0212-4
  •  DSC_0246-3 IMG_0636IMG_0634wm IMG_0623 DSC_0235-4
  • prayers, friends & family.DSC_0022-5DSC_0092-4DSC_0080-5DSC_0142-4DSC_0121-4  DSC_0128-4 DSC_0120-4 DSC_0102-4 

And we musn’t forget the amazingly talented photographer, Katie Thompson, who gets the credit for all of these fantastic pics. (Well, those that aren’t instagram squares from my phone… you can tell the difference).

It was a night to remember. For all His goodness, I will keep on singing.


2 comments on “90 Pounds and Full Hearts

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  2. Renea
    August 6, 2014

    I sure hate that Tony and I missed it. I hope we have another soon 🙂

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