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That Which Didn’t Make Instagram

I’ve been at a loss as far as what to post on my personal blog recently (although I did contribute a post at Sojourner’s Overflow one day). I’m still not particularly inspired with significance, so for your visual entertainment and pleasure, here are some mobile pics from late June to present that did not officially make their way to social media.  (Until now). Let’s face it: sometimes it’s good to share the honest, #noFilter version of life (with discretion, of course).

Here is J soaking lemon syrup into a lemon cake.IMG_0054


Don’t ask.  (But isn’t my apron made by my mother-in-law super cute?)IMG_0222

Fresh flowers from our yard. ❤



Be prepared at the pool, y’all.IMG_0257

These fireworks made me anticipate that a genie was going to pop up at any moment…IMG_0269

At a friend’s birthday party…IMG_0353

…during which we made a visit to the cemetery across the street. (Because old-soul J is into that right now).IMG_0355


another take on J’s 4th of July hair… only this day it was “God and Country” service hair…IMG_0361


a corner of my dining roomIMG_0371


Cheeks dramatically licking his ice cream on cow appreciation day IMG_0413

Camp packing for J when I’m not going to be around involves copious amounts of zipper bag organization in order to help her be more self-sufficient… IMG_0418

sad boy that his sissy was leaving for camp IMG_0426


Mount ZucchiniIMG_0468


My hammock view on a gorgeous July day… this little bee would not leave me alone.IMG_0471


homeschool planning on my half-made bedIMG_0476


My materialistic source of happiness for the week: clearanced down to $3.60, plus 30% off.IMG_0483


working on some barn signsIMG_0488


Our cucumbers come in various shapes and sizes. This one resembles a penguin.IMG_0491


Try not to be overwhelmed with the depth of this post. 😉




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