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Creativity Mishmash (and a giveaway)

It’s the last day of June.

Summer vacation is halfway over already.  (How did that even happen?!?) June has been crazy busy around here, and July looks to be much of the same. But for the most part, I like it that way… I’d rather time fly when I’m having fun. Although sometimes I could use a little refueling pause.

I think it’s that time again… time to suck up my pride and share some creativity with the masses.  And this time it’s not just via photographs… one lucky blog reader will get the opportunity to win some original art by yours truly.  (Try to contain your enthusiasm).  So hang in there and attempt not to pass out from boredom before the end of this post, and you can enter to win!

Sometimes God smiles on me even when I procrastinate/ forget all together…
J and I were due for a date.  And I had been praying for some sort of special little opportunity to pop up, because I didn’t have any ideas that I felt like I had the stamina to handle.  When I was going through old emails, I was reminded of this parent/child paint class that would be perfect… except there was only about an hour to spare before it started by the time I read it.  I called anyway, and they had just had a cancellation 5 minutes prior. Hooray for us! S0 fun.

(I totally stole this picture of us).


I have this little chalkboard in my kitchen… it’s just painted over wood. I’ve had it for years but hadn’t pulled it out in forever until I did some redecorating in my dining room.  I love the size… its perfect.  I don’t love the ridges. It’s difficult to write on. (Therefore I may need to create a replacement on a smooth surface at some point). Here is the first half of the year’s chalkboard art…IMG_1745wm

I have a feeling that last one will be up for a few months… which is ok since “He is Risen” was up well past Easter. But who’s counting…

This weekend some of our favorites got married.  The Rev married them, and it was just joy overload.  The reception was a carnival theme, complete with sliders, corn-dogs, popcorn, cotton candy,a candy bar (as in a bar with a variety of candy), funnel cakes, soft pretzels, and build-your-own milkshakes.  The kids were in heaven.
The happy couple has so much talent chock full between the two of them that it’s a wonder they don’t just explode.  The groom works with wood (among other talents) and he made this cake topper himself.  Isn’t it just the cutest? It makes me want to squeeze them, they are so adorable.  

I’m pretty sure I had approximately 100 pictures on my phone from this wedding, and I’ll spare you the quantity, but here are a few highlights:

10433201_10152941730614619_4364207302754513958_nYes, J legitimately caught the bouquet. (Sidenote: super beautiful bouquet tied up in burlap). She has announced to the world that she doesn’t believe it REALLY means that she will be the next to be married, because she’s still too young.  I’m glad we have that matter clarified.

Changing gears in the art department… I haven’t made a cake in awhile.  I can’t do too many too often.  But I was inspired to make this for a dear friend who means the world to me… I just knew it would be so “her” and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it and put a smile on her face.  She loves white and ruffles and vintage. If you scroll down to the second picture (which I stole it from her),  I simply ADORE the cake on that chippy plant stand of hers.  It’s a lemon cake (from SCRATCH… be amazed y’all.  I’ve decorated plenty of cakes before, but I’ve never actually baked one from scratch before… unless you count zucchini bread. Of course I don’t know what the finished product tasted like, so maybe we shouldn’t be TOO amazed. ha).  And yes, there are most definitely are hippy oils in the icing.  (Specifically doTerra lemon essential oils).  




And now for the give-away!
(All 2 of you, try to contain your excitement.)

I’m totally stepping out of my comfort zone, here.  Awhile back I painted these two littles.  They are small… on 8×8 canvases. If you are curious about the inspiration, the flower design came from a pair of my shoes.  So there’s that.
If you would like for these little lovelies to be yours, simply leave a blog comment (or if you are reading this via other forms of social media, you can comment on the FB or Twitter post, too.) One winner will be chosen at random. The giveaway will close on Saturday, July 5th. I will announce the winner the following week and collect delivery info. privately.  Happy entering!IMG_3413wm


2 comments on “Creativity Mishmash (and a giveaway)

  1. Julie
    June 30, 2014

    Ok, so I am seriously impressed by your talent! And I wanna put my 2 cents worth on here for a chance at the art:)

  2. buildingallchildren
    June 30, 2014

    I love your paintings!!! You’re very talented! Love the wedding pics too!!!

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