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How Does Your Garden Grow?

We are newbie gardeners over here.  We tilled up the dirt, planted some seeds, and just sort of hoped for the best.  Although it hasn’t necessarily been great for the outdoor summer plans of others, the almost every-day rain has been great for our first ever legit gardening attempt.  I’ve had some folks ask about how it’s going, so here’s a little update on the green goodness:

A couple of weeks ago we picked our first round of lettuce.  We planted a greens mix and I find it interesting how certain varieties get completely eaten up by the bugs (namely what I think is arugula) and the others do not. We have also picked some spinach, which I’m primarily blanching and freezing to potentially use in later recipes.  I do like fresh spinach as well, but we already have so many other greens right now.

IMG_3997wm IMG_5047wm


The next to be plucked were these little cuties.  The potatoes weren’t part of our “official” crop. I let J have a few potatoes that had sprouted under the sink to plant for fun… this was before we tilled up the garden.  It turns out that she planted them randomly all around the yard, so most of the plants have been mowed over, but this one potato was planted over near a fence and was left alone. We got about 10 tiny potatoes out of it, and they were pan fried to deliciousness with my egg brunch the other day.


Most recently produced for picking has been the zucchini,
IMG_5046wm IMG_5224wm

which means that this was my delicious dinner tonight. (I had seconds).



The peppers are starting to poke up.  We only have a couple of pepper plants.  Both the pepper and the okra seeds that we planted were completely washed away by a downpour so I bought 2 small containers of each..  Of course for the peppers, this meant 2 plants.  But as for the okra I was able to divide them into 6 or 7.

Most of our sugar snap peas didn’t take, but I didn’t replant.  A few of them did… we’ll see what happens.IMG_5044wmThe tomato seeds, on the other hand, did NOT wash away, and in fact are one of the few small-seeded items where the whole row seemed to take.  Although we are yet to get to the fruit part.  But if they all produce, I’m going to seriously need to learn the art of canning.IMG_5043wm


Also with results yet to be seen are the corn stalks.  I’ve been told by several people that they can’t get corn to grow well around here… the stalks will grow, but not the corn itself.  Still, we are trying anyway. So far the stalks seem to grow significantly on a daily basis.IMG_5048wm

There are also red onions that seem to be doing well (although I’ve not looked underground to really know), and a singular carrot has seemed to sprout.  (Carrots are among the other items we have been told don’t grow fantastically around here, and so far that seems to be true).  As evidenced by this picture, we are terrible at keeping on top of the weeds, but fortunately it doesn’t seem to be hampering the veggies too much.


Just to add a little pop of color other than green to this blog (and because it would hardly be a typical blog by yours truly if I didn’t somehow stray from the topic at least slightly), here are some flowers (not planted by me, they just came with the property) that are growing next to the garden:





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