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Reclaim and Press Onward

This kid.IMG_3988wm It’s her last day of 3rd grade.

It’s her last day of public school until God tells us otherwise.

And so, at 1:00 this afternoon, we will have an official 4th grader AND an official home-schooler.  It’s bitter-sweet. We have so loved J’s school and her teachers. And I won’t get any more stories of her sweetness, silliness, or animated personality from the public eye. (Yesterday she evidently decided to grace the teachers with heart-shaped rocks.)

This also means I’m officially her academic teacher again.  Which means that this thing is REAL and I need to get back to my type-A plan ahead self so that I’m not overwhelmed in 2 months.  I’ve been pretty calm, cool & collected about it all, because up until now it was something that was way off in the future.  But now it’s not so WAY off. I’m exited, but I’m in mouth- agape phase.

(Insert Mary Poppins cue: “Close your mouth, Michael. We are not a cod fish.”)

This is how my morning began: The last thing that J read before falling asleep was the Bible. You can imagine the good that did this mama’s heart this morning. IMG_3960wm




Then it was time for the obligatory beginning of year/ end of year comparison pictures.1st last 2013 2014wm first day last day polewm


The Rev has decided to become more handy this year… which is great for me.  We’ve been busying ourselves with repurposed/reclaimed/refreshed projects. And by “we”, I mean that I tell him my vision, and he makes it happen.

Or in the case of this old mirror that had been hiding out in our garage likely for decades (even before we lived here), I told my amazingly talented friend and she made it happen. J calls it my princess mirror.



After juggling the borrowing of tools from various friends and family, I finally directed the Rev to just go ahead to his new favorite man store and get himself an early Father’s Day gift. (Which, per the whole he’s -doing-stuff-for-me thing, this is really as much for me as it is for him.  But he enjoys being the operator. And I’m glad he enjoys it, because I’m clutzy and I’m quite nervous that I would cut off a finger or shoot an eye out).


My most recent delegation is for the Rev to create some shelves for our home-schooling books out of palettes.

Our space is limited, so the shelves will probably go up here on top of that microwave cart-turned craft item cabinet… which may either make a nice partition between our shoes and coats,or it may just make things more cluttered. But it will be functional, anyway.




The “Bind My Wandering Heart to Thee” art was made from reclaimed wood that has been leaning on the back of our shed for years.  As is this “Family” piece.

IMG_3954wmI have found so much satisfaction in reclaiming the little things, and it may have something to do with where my life is right now.  Many of the items which we’ve needed to create little breaths of joy have already been in our posession… unnoticed, uncared for, covered with dirt and splinters and scars. But with a little love and attention and sometimes help from friends, they have been refreshed into something delightful.

Really the last picture epitomizes a big reason of why we are choosing to home-school for the time being.  (You can read more about that here if you scroll about halfway down).

We are reclaiming our family… the parts of it that have been overlooked and weary, we want to refresh, give purpose to it, and turn it into something delightful.




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