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Yep, it’s my second blog post in one day. (I’ll be sure to pull that card out when I don’t blog for 2 months).

But the last post was picture-less. And I have pictures. Cute ones.

Last weekend after soccer, we went up the road to meet some baby cows.  It was pretty much beautiful outside.


Also of note in the animal world, mama bird has spruced up the nest and decided to lay another clutch.  Here’s the oldest of the new batch of siblings:


We are presently in what I *think* is referred to as “Blackberry Winter”.  I know that “Dogwood Winter” is the cold snap after the dogwood trees bloom, and I assume that Blackberry Winter has something to do with blackberries. (Call it a hunch, although I don’t have any blackberries around with which to verify this information).  As it turns out, blackberry winter is a great time to go strawberry picking and not break a sweat. It has been raining recently, and this has been the best strawberry picking year, hands down.  The berries are so abundant, vibrant, juicy and sweet.  I’m pretty sure that, compared to these farm berries, I have described store-bought berries as tasting like sour cardboard.  And I hold firmly to that statement. Best. Berries. Ever.IMG_3390wm IMG_3381wm IMG_3370wmBerry picking excursions are not complete without partaking of the strawberry-honey popsicles. Y’all. You have not lived until you have had one of these things. They changed my life (in an amazing, 2 ingredient food sort of way).   Cheeks asked for the ice cream. It’s good, but it doesn’t hold a candle to the popsicle.  I don’t even typically care for popsicles, so that’s saying a lot.IMG_3404wm IMG_3407wm IMG_3400wmUpon returning home, we made 2 strawberry pies… except they are really more like edible soup bowls as the gelatinous material didn’t perform so well.  Fortunately, the flavor performed impeccably.  I don’t even care that I’m  half-drinking my pie, it’s so delicious.IMG_3409wm




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