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An Effective Breath

I am presently studying 1st John.  If there has been one over-arching theme thus far, it has been love.  It kind of seems to be the present theme of God’s pruning in my life right now, so I’m not surprised by this “coincidence”.  There have been many great insights from the ladies in my Hello Mornings group. Here’s a little snippet from my study last week that is sticking around in my brain:

We cannot love as effectively if we don’t allow ourselves to be filled up. Likewise, we have to give love out in order to stay fresh and full.

Sometimes I think that we are tempted to be love-hoarders, as if more love won’t be there if we share it. When in reality, we are suffocating ourselves.  Or sometimes we allow our prideful self-defeatism to lock the door and refuse love that is being given.

My 8 year old is in swim club, and one of the most difficult things for her to learn has been proper breathing technique.  The trick is, you cannot hold your breath while under water. You must blow bubbles and empty your lungs. If you don’t do this, then there won’t be room for the fresh breath to fill your lungs.  The more completely you empty your lungs, the more effectively you will be able to breathe when you come up for air.    If your lungs aren’t emptied to allow for fresh air, your blood won’t become oxygenated.  You will starve your red blood cells, making your actions more difficult.    (Have you accidentally sucked in exhaled air from a balloon and choked on it?)

Loving operates like breathing.  It would be silly to refuse or to hoard air. There’s a more refreshing way to live rather than blue-faced and overwhelmed. Refreshing is found in the reciprocal act of love: it’s in the giving AND the accepting. It’s not one-sided. Unlock the door. Let love out and welcome it in.


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