The NewBec

I'm not who I was.


IMG_3227Mighty yet weak

You entered the world

With your eyes tightly shut

Your limbs not yet unfurled

The cold light upon you

Your brave lungs drew breath

From whence there was

Almost nothing left

Or so I imagine

I wasn’t there

When you were pulled from my womb

Or from the mother who shared


God’s presence was thick

When our love first met

Pink and brown burritos

In clear bassinets

Starving for touch

Victorious you

Fought for the sun

And pressed right on through

Resilient ground-breakers

Sister and brothergarden helpers

Hearts leap at how fiercely

You love one another

Fear not the unknown

Fear not any man

Put your trust in the One

Holding all in His hand

Exuberant joy

Infectious laughter

Through sleepless nights

And the challenges after

You have bettered this Earth

And you better it still

So climb every mountain

Or move it you willIMG_2973wm


Happy pre- Mother’s Day.






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