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Dramatic Flair

We had a date y’all. Be impressed.1977092_10152727644314619_6400695534610763310_nActually, it was a double-date. And the people whom we were with made it just that much more fun… complete with a church field trip, lots of food (which almost makes the date a success in and of itself), and my favorite musical thus far: Wicked. (This was our 2nd time to see it, and it was just as good as the first time, even sans Idina Menzel.)

The food experience included a stop at the Retro Sno food truck.  I had heard of the fantabulousness that is said food truck, but my cynical side sort of assumed that people have been exaggerating and that they only have thought it to be SO wonderful because it’s a trendy food truck and it has the name “retro” in the title. I mean, how spectacular can shaved ice really be.? VERY. Shaved ice can be very spectacular, as I have learned since Retro Sno’s Tres Leches Snowball has changed my life.  If you are in Nashville, do yourself a favor: find out where the Retro Sno food truck is parked and partake of its goodness.

(Sidenote: one has not experienced dramatic flair until one has played “Head’s Up- Accents” on the iphone with the beloved PickleNickel.)

The sports aspect:

Pre-date-day was full of running around. J had a swim meet in the morning, immediately followed by a soccer game in the afternoon.  I am simultaneously envious of her energy level & grateful that she has outlets with which to expend a portion of it.


J & I also attended her Swim Club banquet at which she received her 1st year participation letter and pin, a trophy for most improved in her group, and a t-shirt for being a part of the 25-mile club (for running a cumulative 25 miles+ as endurance training. I think her final tally was 37mi.) The back of J’s shirt says “Train Insane or Remain the Same.”  J is immensely motivated by this statement as of last night and in true form she is walking around chanting it with dramatic flare and intense eye.  Hopefully the motivation will hold up beyond the novelty.


The academic aspect:

Here is J with her Rain Forest project. She is so proud of it. (And for good measure in the conservation department, we repurposed my old vanity drawer and saved a tree. ha.)


Part of J’s instructions were to write a 4-5 sentence report describing which habitat she chose to do her project on.  But this is J we are talking about, so in her love of communication she turned 4-5 sentences into 4 descriptive paragraphs. Knowing her over-the-top tendencies but not wanting to quench her desire to go over and above too much,  I did advise her that she probably needed to keep it to a page if it was going to be displayed with her habitat. She wasn’t thrilled, but she declared “good point” and was ultimately successful.



The return of the theatrical aspect:

Here we have your friendly neighborhood Spiderman rescuing the princess.

C: “I save you!”

J:”Thank you, Spiderman! You’re amazing!”

C:”Yes, I am.”

If you can’t tell, that’s the Frozen sound track in Spiderman’s hand. Soon everything turned into a musical. (As usual). My favorite segments are around 2:33, 3:50,4:29, 4:38

The dentist’s office even got to be serenaded…

And there’s my blip of not even half of what we had going on in the past week.  Here’s to a certainly dramatic weekend (or in other words, life)… hopefully it will only be the fun kind. 😉


One comment on “Dramatic Flair

  1. Michelle W
    April 11, 2014

    Sounds like tons of fun! A musical life does seem to be more exciting. 🙂 And Wicked was FANTASTIC (saw it a few years ago). Glad you got to see it again!

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