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The Boy Who Likes Pink

(and other oddities)

Cheeks has never minded pink. He has grown up with a big sister all of his 3 years of life, and since J is such a good big sister who shares things, he has had plenty of experience playing with pink toys… even taking possession of pink hand-me-down electronics (because I refuse to buy extra of the same thing just for the sake of a different color when it comes to the higher price range). He has always liked pink, behind blue and red. And who can blame him… he pulls off wearing the color pink in the studliest of ways.

Recently, however, the pinkish delight has taken center stage above the rest. When I let him pick out a new doodle notebook to keep in the car, he chose the one with pink flowers over a Corvette or IronMan. (Choosing pink over a car actually surprised me. The boy REALLY likes his vehicles.) When we were at the dollar store picking out a basket for his bed toys (which are pretty much MOST of his toys… he likes to sleep with them…) he picked a pink one. I don’t mind. It’s just a little color, and it’s just a little dollar. Unfortunately, his affinity for pink has gone beyond a preference to a demand. We were in a store buying drum sticks for D-Now when a child-sized pink guitar captured his gleaming little eyes. In his most demanding voice, he put on his bossy eyes, pointed his finger and yelled, “I WIKE DAT. YOU HAVE TO GET IT FOH ME.” Upon my response of “no”, he threw himself on the floor, buried his head and exclaimed, “YOU HAVE TO GET DAT FOH ME! I WIKE PINK! GET DAT PINK! YOU HAVE TO! I WIKE IT!”… to which I crouched down to the floor, activated the “scary whisper”, and reminded him that we don’t always get everything that we want, because we want something doesn’t mean we HAVE to have it, and if he ever DEMANDS me to get him something, that is a pretty certain way to guarantee that he WON’T get it… not to mention that if he thinks I’m going to drop $49 plus tax on something just because he likes the color pink, he’s in for a disappointment. I suppose that since he had recently gotten what he wanted with a couple of $1 items… items that he was going to receive anyway… the entitlement monster struck again and he felt as though he deserved to get anything he wanted by playing the pink card. Ummm… no. To quote The Man In Black while dueling Inigo Montoya, “Get used to disappointment.”

His disappointment didn’t last long however, because he and J got to spend the weekend with a couple of his favorite grown-ups who dote over them… and that’s really all the pink portion of this post has to do with anything. (Kid story #1, check.)

In case you are unfamiliar, Disciple Now is a weekend at church chock full of worship, the Word, service, fun shenanigans, and crashing the homes of wonderful volunteers with large groups of teenagers for the sake of community. The Rev typically enlists the help of some of our amazingly talented and God-loving friends. We are always happy for an excuse to include them in our lives more often.

One of the Rev’s best buds came a day early, and the kids were stoked. Cheeks, who is hit and miss with his excitement of others, could not wait. As soon as he saw the car pull up, he started happy dancing. When he saw Wes coming toward the door he took the initiative to open it for him, and then skittishly ran away… returning shortly with his arms stretched in the air to show off his police car in one hand and his blue truck in the other. He may have even initiated a lean-hug at some point.  The boy was excited.

Not a moment after our guest sat down, J perched herself in his lap, looked him squarely in the eyes, and carried on a conversation about who-knows-what in a manner that would make anyone with personal-space issues shudder. (Fortunately, our friend is not that person.) I totally stole this picture from him, in which he accurately described J as “the most sanguine little girl on the planet”.  J perched on Wes

(Sidenote: I regularly have strange dreams.  It would be unusual for me NOT to have strange dreams. Honestly, most of them you don’t want to hear repeated because they would probably give you nightmares. Sometimes though, they are just plain silly.  I am completely amused, however, that ever since our friend referred to J as “the most sanguine little girl on the planet”, she has been regularly appearing in my dreams as partner in crime with Beth Moore… (neither of which usually appear in my dreams, for the record).  They typically have nothing to do with the rest of the dream, they are just positioned somewhere to the side, conversing and giggling, and every now and then the word “sanguine” pops up.  Evidently my brain is hard-wired to define “Sanguine=Beth Moore” or something.  It’s all I can figure.  The rest of my dreams may be disastrous or completely nonsensical, but no matter what,  those two girls are just talking away, enjoying each-others company as if nothing else were going on and there weren’t decades of years between them.  Whatever… it’s entertaining. Kid story #2, check. )

Back to D-Now… It was a great Disciple Now weekend. I’d like to give a shout-out to our stellar students and volunteers.  I heard from the guest band on more than one occasion how they enjoyed spending time with us because everyone is just so nice (students and adults alike).  That makes my heart happy. I got to spend most of my time with some pretty amazing junior and senior girls whom I couldn’t be more proud of. (Go Team Oz!) There was so much goodness I can’t even make a dent in it. Seeing the Spirit of God spill out of these girls was indescribable. Probably one of my favorite discussion times was about miracles we have experienced in our lives. One of our girls summed up her experience with eloquence, quiet confidence, and conviction, “I just believe Jesus works.” That, my friends, is solid theology. To quote my husband, “We act on what we think is true. If we believed prayer worked we would pray a lot more. We would stop depending on ourselves and we would pray.” Likewise if we truly believe Jesus, we will act like He works. And He will.


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