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I know that God delights in me because: tacos.

Do you ever get a craving for a particular item of food that you just can’t seem to shake? That has been the case for me lately. I had been craving some crab legs for what seemed like FOR-EV-ER. But I just couldn’t justify the cost no matter how hard I wanted to. So I had gone without.

After a fun-filled snowy morning in our own personal “Narnia” with the kids, I had to run some errands.




When I was at the grocery store, what appeared before my eyes gloriously and on sale:


 Sometimes it’s good to love yourself a little.

Part of this compromise was that, even though the coveted crab legs were on sale, I still had to omit a few other grocery items in order to stay within my budget. I had planned on making tacos the next night, but I was out of lettuce and tomato.  J is the only other person who eats the lettuce and I am the only person who eats tomatoes at all, so since the crab legs were primarily for myself, I omitted items that were also primarily… for myself. I made myself ok with veggie-less tacos the next day in exchange for a feast of crab legs.

Valentines day began with a little love for the kids. J was ecstatic that she got her wish of 2 snow days, but no snow day on her school party valentines

If you know J at all, you know that she likes everything to be special.  She just constantly wants to go from one special thing to the next special thing, especially if  it’s an “official” holiday.  If things are not still special & the day has not ended, she is wrought with disappointment. It didn’t matter that she got flowers from Dad & chocolates from Mom, or that she had a Valentine’s Day party at school, or that her group was the first chosen to make their banana splits. Not that she wasn’t grateful for those thing, she was. But she was not satisfied with it stopping there.

[This is the same child who was also not satisfied with just having cupcakes for the Rev’s birthday last month. She took it into her own hands to plan a “surprise” party… complete with streamers, Hungry Hungry Hippos, & Pin The Tail on the Donkey. Because every 34 year old should most definitely play Pin the Tail on the Donkey for his birthday. ]IMG_1593 IMG_1595

Back to Valentine’s… J is just an over-the-top kind of kid.  She spent the entire day conjuring different ways to ask what special thing we were doing for dinner, and I (in not so many ways) responded by telling her that no, we weren’t doing anything else special for Valentine’s day.  We were just going to have tacos for dinner. No, I cannot make them in the shape of a heart. (I can hardly hold them in one piece when they are shaped like a taco.)  We finally came to a compromise with table decorations. J cut out a paper heart and taped it to the table. I rolled out the red runner and the only candles we could find, and we prepared for our meal of tacos by candle light. She was very pleased with herself & her self-proclaimed “great idea”.


At that point, J was trying to get me to commit to another special activity AFTER dinner. I simply cannot keep up with this child’s enthusiasm and imagination, enchanting as it may be.  I was exhausted. After a couple of days packed with early morning snow play, out-of-town appointments, errands, party helping & just being a mom, I was done. If she wanted to do another special activity, J was going to have to do it herself.

It didn’t have anything to do with Valentine’s Day, but J decided that she wanted to compare weights of paper clips and staples, paper & marbles. So for her “special activity” she designed her own balance. (I conceded and helped her a little bit with construction.) I participated with as much energy as I could muster (which wasn’t much), but I was absolutely delighted and in awe of watching her little brain work. She got one more little “hug” of something special for the day.



But let’s backtrack just a little bit to before the candles were lit and the “extras” commenced.

The Rev arrived home from work just as I was preparing to set the table.

You’ll never guess what he had in his hands:

tomatoes and lettuce.

He had no idea that I was missing them. He didn’t even know what I was making for dinner. And no, he doesn’t typically enter the door wielding random food items. They just happened to be leftover from something at church and were going to go bad if they weren’t used up and he was asked to take them.

That, my friends, is how I had my crab legs and ate my tacos too.

It’s also one example of  how God delights in me… how He enjoys sprinkling my life with little hugs if I will but stop to embrace them.

And because he also held a decalf white chocolate frappuccino in his hands, I know that my husband delights in me too. 🙂


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