The NewBec

I'm not who I was.

The Doom Ro(a)mer.

Sometimes, when the kids don’t pick up after themselves, it can be a treat. (But rarely.)

For today’s episode of J was here:



(Now this photo bares evidence to the “rough draft” that it is, so I will save your eyes and translate into a more legible version for you. You’re welcome.)

Life and the Giant Monster, by J (age 8).

Chapter 1: The Doom Roamer

There are always roamers in the town of Jungle. Take this for example: Someone once said that a mustache made extra mustaches in the world by putting potion in drinks.  So then everybody was scared of drinks. Then one day, a little girl drank a drink. Everybody was so scared when she did this. But when she did, there was no mustache on her!  Soon people started calling the town Jungle Roamer Town. The people…

And that’s as far as she has gotten. I’m intrigued, so I may not clean it up in hopes that she works on it some more. 😉

Happy February.


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