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I have been trying to memorize John 1:14 for a week and a half now,  and for the life of me I just haven’t been able to get past the beginning portion (which I already knew)…

“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us…” something about glory and Father and Son and being full.  That’s all I’ve got.  It’s like my brain has wired an automatic shut-off switch past the more well-known portion and it’s driving. me. nuts.

Whether it be writer’s block, artistic block (or creative block of any sort really)… memorizer’s block, motivational block, figure-it-out block, or the infuriating technological time-out, at some point we all need a little help with the refresh button.

That’s pretty much where I have been at lately. There has been a series of refreshers that, in process of working their way out, have been rather time-consuming, and at times frustrating and exhausting. But they have also been enjoyable and have left me delightfully able to breathe again.  The Rev has had his fair share in all of this… from fixing the washing machine to distressing some wood for me and any number of various and sundry “handy” or “crafty” activities involving power tools… (both of which never really were a part of his resume lingo before, so I’m extra proud and adoring of him for it.)

One such project has been the dining room wall.  See, I have this problem: I don’t like large empty wall spaces, but I’m CHEAP and also don’t like to pay for decorations.  We have reworked that dining room wall a number of times, and never to my satisfaction.  (If we ever move homes, I pity the person who has to come behind and spackle all of the holes that I put in walls.)

After we made the decision to home school next year, I became mildly overwhelmed with visions of colorful pocket-charts and teaching tools taking over the dining room. Although I do have type-A tendencies, I am not in any danger of being labelled a neat-freak. Although it wasn’t particularly well-decorated, the dining room is the room with which I do the best at keeping the least cluttered and kiddy-fied. Clutter I may not be able to avoid, but at all costs I want to avoid the kiddy-fi-cation in that room. Just that one room is all I ask. But it’s also the most logical place for school. It has the best natural-light window and lots of surface area. Inevitably, the school room it shall also be.

One day when wandering around a second-hand store, I came across an area of shutters and it sparked in me the bright idea that one could totally repurpose louvered shutters into non kiddy-fied pocket charts! I spent a good hunk of time thinking through which shutters would work best… different shutters made their way in and out of my cart on several occasions. Then it occurred to me: J’s closet has louvered folding doors, and I hate them there! They don’t open and close easily so we often leave them open, in which case her bedroom door won’t open all of the way for butting up against the closet door. And so, I emptied my cart of shutters and left the store with only 2 spindles in hand (just because $4 for 2 spindles seemed like something I would be able to do something useful with, although their fate is yet to be foretold. I’m thinking potential tie-rack). I sauntered home with that “I have a honey-do project for you” look in my eye.  The Rev graciously removed J’s closet doors and distressed two of them for me (in below freezing temperatures in the shed, I might add. He’s a keeper).

My job was to make the doors functional as pocket charts. Nothing a little hot-glue and a pack of straws can’t solve.  (Because, remember, I’m cheap. It’s not going to be seen, so it doesn’t have to be pretty. I’d also like to take this moment to say that low-temp hot glue is one of my favorite inventions ever.)

Ok, so technically it is going to be seen here. But it won’t be displayed like this in my kitchen.


Once the affordable (from e-bay) glass-look knobs came in, the Rev & I mounted the doors on the wall. Between the knobs, straws & glue, I probably spent about $8 on this project.  I was ever so happy with the doors, but I was not yet satisfied with the wall arrangement:


I love clean lines and symmetry as much as probably more than the next person. But overall, it just still was kind of “meh” for me.  After some consultation with some much more talented home-decor minded friends (whose styles I adore), I came up with something that I am actually satisfied with! Finally, something that fits the wall, feels complete, was cheap, and is functional. The rest of the refresh cost me nothing.  The book-page wreaths I made from an old hymnal (which I have already used for some crafts), the chalkboard is painted plywood that I have had under my desk for years, and the piece of molding underneath of that was leftover from our kitchen remodel last year. (Eventually, with help from another talented friend, we plan on repurposing another shelf that came out of the old kitchen, like the shelf for the “PRAY” art did, into a bench. I think it will be fantastic alongside our table. I can’t wait… figuratively speaking of course. I have to wait awhile.)


For those of you not being able to envision the pocket chart function: I looked up some vintage wallpaper patterns online & printed them on some thicker paper. I even added some prepositions that we will probably end up using for real to give the fully functional “school” effect. 

{For the less interesting part of this “refresh” post, seeing as I haven’t updated in awhile, I’ll also mention that I have been improving somewhat from a health standpoint. We have finally found something that seems to be helping me maintain fairly consistent sleep (along with the “reset” that the (unrelated) surgery anesthesia seemed to help provide), and that in and of itself helps everything else to a degree… although I’m still in process of figuring out doses and such.  My other “stuff” is still there… although regularly, not never-endingly. Where an “episode” might render me not worth much  for an indefinite period of time before, now my body often seems to recover relatively quickly at least to some degree. For example, a couple of weeks ago I had an episode where I laughed and suddenly partially collapsed to the ground, but the weakness didn’t linger around for more than a few minutes. It was over almost as quickly as it happened). I have my suspicions that this medicine won’t be a cure-all, but I am beyond grateful for the improvement in my sleep and I’m thinking it will be a keeper… first keeper EVER.}

About that verse…

I think I’ll refresh to a different translation and see if that helps things at all.

“The Word became human and lived among us. We saw his glory. It was the glory that the Father shares with his only Son, a glory full of kindness and truth.” -John 1:14 (GW)


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