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To a Good New Year

Typically my blogging can fall under 3 categories: the family scrapbook, health whining updates, & spiritual insight (often influenced by my children).  I love social media. Really I do. I despise aspects of it, but I am thankful for it.  That being said, particularly with blogging, there are some unspoken “dangers” that just come as part of the package, for lack of a better term. Of course there is the obvious danger that everything is public. So think before you post.  There is also a more subtle danger that strangers feel as though they really know you, perhaps better than you know yourself. When reality is that only chosen pieces of life are being presented.  As with any communication, there are issues of perception. Now, it is never my intention to deceive & I intentionally keep it real, but fact is, a blog is not an entirety of one’s life.  What was meant to convey one thing may end up striking a nerve in a way that was never intended. The list goes on.  I don’t consider anything particularly spectacular about my blogging. I have no goals of attaining a certain number of readers and no product to promote.  So why do I do it?


Amidst my life’s excitement & sometimes painfully mundane minutia that a few of you graciously & unexplainably take pleasure in reading, there is evidence of God’s goodness. Sometimes it is blaringly obvious. Sometimes you have to find it because you choose to. But it’s there. HE is there.

To quote C.S. Lewis in reference to Aslan (the allegorical God-like character in The Chronicles of Narnia),  “Who said anything about safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s good. He’s the King, I tell you.”

That’s my hope. That in the whatever, His goodness is realized.

And so, I continue on with blogging as usual…..

Puffy the Penguin. This was J’s coveted role in the children’s musical at church. This part was so desirable because every few lines, Puffy ate something. On stage. Although you may not think so to look at my slim-pant wearing, 52 pound, 8 year old daughter, it’s true: she inhales food like a teenage boy. I suppose she needs the input to keep up with her energetic output. Regardless, this was the precise reason why J REALLY wanted to be Puffy: the food. And so, she donned a little extra fluff under her penguin sweatshirt and a super-adorable crocheted penguin hat (not pictured) and ate away between her enthusiastically delivered lines. Or as is the case in this scene, she donned a wise-man hat. Because evidently Mardi Gras beads were all the rage for the Magi.


Christmas vacation came a day early for J, thanks to the stomach bug. Here she is opening her gifts at our family Christmas celebration between bouts of sickness. Those super-magenta lips are often a good indicator that she is coming down with something. Bless.


Here is The Shredder… I mean The Rev… sporting some new colder weather gear. Or perhaps he is just trying to avoid the germs.


Fortunately that nasty little bug was short-lived and avoided by the boys. (I wasn’t so lucky).  We were all well in time to go back to Giz & Poppa’s house for Christmas. This was to be a year that we were going to make the trek to my parents’ house, but surgery & some other financial obligations prevented the trip out of state.  Here are some things that always happen at Giz & Papa’s house at Christmas. (Sidenote: I have yet to determine whether it should be spelled “Papa or Poppa”.)

The kids get spoiled blessed. They will not be naked, and if they’re bored for the next several years, it’s their own fault.


The kids help mix something. In this case it is pistachio cake.


The Rev  has the kids walk on his back. I’m not sure why this seems to happen so much more often at his parents’ house than our own.  Perhaps it’s the carpet, since we don’t have any. Or maybe it’s because it seems as though we have to leave our house in order to be still.


Obligatory Christmas pictures. Those are some good-looking children right there.


J wears grandma’s make-up.


We also always have steak & shrimp for Christmas dinner. It’s the superior meal option, in my humble opinion.

And now, the aftermath. I finished my several hours of unpacking, tag removing & de-boxing.  Most of the Christmas decorations have been taken down. Laundry is washed but not put away. There is any number of half-finished crafty projects laying around. There is also an immeasurable amount of dust & dirt, & now more than ever I wish I could hire a house cleaner to give my home a fresh start for the new year. (First world problems).  Like most families we are hoping that the flu stays far away. Most importantly, the Rev is back home from his conference with the students. My whole little family is under one roof, & I don’t plan on sharing them much over the next several days.

As we usher in 2014, I pray that it finds you unable to ignore God’s goodness.

“Taste and see that the Lord is good.
Blessed is the person who takes refuge in Him.” -Psalm 34:8


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