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My Life is Loud: The Musical.

Last night, I was thrilled to have an evening of nothing planned but watching The Sound of Music Live with a few of my favorite things.  I actually wrote it on my to-do list.


J has never seen the movie before, but I just knew that the stage version would be her thing. She was glued. Cheeks on the other hand, although he liked some of the musical portions, was slightly distraught that we were being still and not playing. He wasn’t terribly disappointed about going to bed before it was over (thank goodness, so bedtime didn’t take long I didn’t have to miss much). On the flip side, we did let J stay up until 10:00 on a school night.

It’s a rare occasion that something comes on TV that is appropriate and enjoyable for everyone, a classic, & educational. Not only that, I was pleasantly surprised that I didn’t have to kick J out of the room while I screened commercials. I don’t recall anything particularly inappropriate. (It’s a super humongous pet-peeve of mine when we are supposed to be watching a family-friendly show, but the commercials are rated R!) Other than the white noise from the mics putting me on edge, I have little to complain about. Wait… and except for that ridiculous yogurt commercial where the teenage daughter “swaps” the boyfriend that her mom declares as “too edgy” for an even edgier one so that the mom will settle for the first one while declaring “Two can play at that game”.  Someone better hold me back. I have the patience of a bee in a bonet when it comes to praising manipulation, disrespecting parents, & treating relationships like games. Combine the three and you better not cross me for a good long while lest you receive a lengthy piece of my mind and be choked by the smoke coming out of my ears.

But other than that, there’s not much to complain about.

Back to the music: What, pray tell, was going on in my household pre-musical veiwing? Welcome to the musical of my life. Almost every moment of every day is some variation of this when J-bird is around. Cheeks is typically a little more drum-prone, and both usually incorporate some form of beat-boxing (neither of which are shown here), but this at least gives you a pretty good indication of the volume and energy under our roof.  We enjoy various genres. J primarily narrates the minutia of her everyday meanderings in song as they happen, but seeing as she was “performing” for a camera, you don’t get to enjoy that part.

There is the semi-“classic”/ interpretive movement genre (coin percussion provided by Cheeks):

Here we have the “modern” (yell-singing, gritty voice  & bloopery) genre. *disclaimer*- the repetition and volume are not for the faint of heart.:

And we musn’t forget about the preschool/ worship genres:

So there’s that.


2 comments on “My Life is Loud: The Musical.

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  2. Tom
    December 6, 2013

    Thanks so much for this. I love to see them in action and love your writing too!

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