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Half a Month’s Worth +

I’ve been snoozing when it comes to my input on the blogosphere lately. When I have posted, I haven’t been very update-y. (For some readers, this may be a positive, depending on your vein.) No worries, if you are a FB stalker, this is mostly old hat to you anyway. 🙂

Here is your updated November timeline:

I finally updated my bed stand to go with our mostly updated (but some things still in progress) bedroom.

bed stand before:


bed stand after:

J successfully completed her first ever swim meet. I’m proud of how she pushed past her fear of failure and finished happily & excitedly. We love swim club! (Well, I love the watching part. J loves the swimming part.)


We’ve enjoyed the fall leaves.


Both kids spent some time at a local art studio. I absolutely adore Cheeks’ turkey, (especially since I thought his 3 year old self might just smear all of the colors together and come home with a muddy canvas).


J painted a cow. The cow paintings are being displayed in the local Chick-Fil-A for a month. We paid J’s painting a visit.

Here is a pic of the Rev with the pilgrim cow for good measure:


We had a visit from a friend, I had a little surgery, & Thanksgiving happened… the latter of which I have no pictures for because I lost my camera charger and the new one hadn’t come in yet. Life goes on, people.

One of our ministries at church, along with the local CrossFit, hosted a 5K to benefit the Salvation Army Angel Tree. The entry fee was to bring 2 toys: one for a boy & one for a girl.  J has been running a little every week in order to gain endurance for swimming anyway(an optional endeavor), so we thought that she might enjoy the 5K experience, especially since her sweet heart always loves a reason to give to those in need.  The Rev ran alongside J to be her cheerleader in her first  ever 5K. She finished in 40 minutes. (She also turned on the heat at the end and unexpectedly sprinted right as they approached the finish just so she could say that she beat her daddy. Ha. Silly cutie head.) I’m very proud of her, and the Rev (who happens to have a leg that doesn’t often let him run past the 3 mile limit… I think 5K’s are his threshold… which is much better than my threshold of zilch).


Meanwhile, Cheeks helped to sort through the toys.


I’m still playing medicinal guinea pig as usual. Things aren’t too terrible so far as compared to others but I’m not far enough into it to know if there will be any benefit. One big praise is that I have been sleeping better overall post-surgery… perhaps the anesthesia reset my system or something. Ha. I’m not sure that’s even a logical explanation, but whatever works… I don’t care why. I just hope it continues to improve.

End November.


One comment on “Half a Month’s Worth +

  1. grand dad
    December 1, 2013

    Ya’ll kee@ up the good work! Love, Dad (grams, cheeks)

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