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Beet Juice (Not Beetle Juice)

Tis the week of candy & costume. (Well, it was when I started this post last week. Now it’s pretty much over.)

J told me a couple of months back that she wanted to be Spider Girl this year, which is great, because she already had the costume.Image

I typically peruse the after-Halloween sales & buy the kids costumes as Christmas gifts for them to play dress-up with year round… because I’m cheap thrifty. For the last 3 years, J has worn one of these super-hero costumes that, glory be, each cost less than the number of fingers I have on one hand. In the years prior to that she had some sort of tutu integrated in her costume (which has nothing to do with anything, except that they were costumes. Her first year, she was a giraffe. I’m rambling).

Since J had given me enough heads up (there is some benefit to having another type-A, plan aheader in the family), I decided to family-theme us again this year. I found a $5 Spiderman costume for Cheeks (I would link you to it, but it is now $22.50… it seems as though I was just off-season enough when I bought it to luck out on the price). I even decided to attempt some creativity with his hair  (in case he decided not to wear the mask): a web on one side & a spider on the other. This *could* be simple, except my clippers are way too big for this kind of stuff, so it’s not. His hair grows so fast that it had already almost completely grown in before his party. I only updated the web & left the spider off.


The Rev was Peter Parker, & I was Mary Jane.

Mary Jane is a great character to be, because it only requires a little heavier-than-usual eye make-up & changing one’s hair color (unless your hair is already red, in which case  you get a head start!)  I have a lot of red in my hair naturally, but not enough to pass for a legit redhead. I like my hair red, but I didn’t want to permanently dye it because then that would require upkeep. (And remember, I’m “thrifty”. I don’t like to pay to keep my hair dyed.) I Googled some options that wouldn’t require me to spend money: cranberry juice & beet juice. Just raid the pantry,  ya’ll. I didn’t have any luck with either, so there is no need for me to expound upon the processes, & in the end I had to suck it up & buy a can of spray that washes out (which was really more pinkish than red.)

Here is our spidey-family all Trunk-R-Treatin’ it:


And here are some of the many Rev’s… yes a group of guys decided to dress up as various versions of my husband.  Image

(Notice the hand on J’s hip… I don’t think she was all into the various daddies thing. They won 3rd place. J’s response: “Ay-yi-yi.”) There was the old version, the hipster version, the itty version… this picture is missing several. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? 😉

For reminiscing’s sake:

halloween throwback 1 halloween throwback2

I hope everyone is having a fantastic fall. Let your light shine!



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