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Fall Break Brings the Craft Bug

I failed to blog last week. I’m sure all 2 of you that follow me were terribly disappointed. So I’m making up for it with a couple of posts this week… neither of which are particularly profound.

J has returned to school this week after having 2 weeks off for fall break. During the 1st week, she and The Rev went on a mission trip to Appalachia. This was J’s first mission trip experience and she was more excited about it than almost anything in her whole little life.



Cheeks spent most of that week missing his sister. Getting artsy helped to alleviate this somewhat. Lately he has been into drawing faces.

canaan's faceswm

Once the whole family was back under one roof, we spent an evening doing one of my favorite family projects to date: self-portrait gourds. Hilarious.IMG_9646wmI worked on my own project in the quiet evenings. (I’m including 2 pics because the first one is more clear, but the flashy one shows that the golds and bronzes are shiny, but it isn’t a great pic.  I even delved into poetry… I was feeling ambitious this time ya’ll. Ha.) So there you have it. Pictures will blog for me when I’m short on words. 🙂

IMG_9650wm IMG_9655wm

It says:

Fierce winds reveal true colors

Breathe in

Drifting downward, weary, weathered

Press on

Grace awakens the mighty

Rise Up



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