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The Art of Vulnerability

I have had a wonderful time over the past several days visiting family & several friends whom we don’t see nearly often enough,

as well as consuming too many various & sundry birthday treats.

But I’m  going to be honest: I had zero intention of blogging today. I’m on day 5 of a new med (again). Although it’s not the worst one I’ve been on & I am still at least somewhat functional for the time being, quite frankly I feel like poop. Suppressing my inner Whiney McWhinerton is difficult… I sort of just want to crawl into a hole for awhile coming up only for all things pumpkin or salted caramel.

Speaking of all things pumpkin, if you also delight in pumpkin flavored yumminess & you have an Aldi, you need to go get some of this. I personally do not have an Aldi nearby, so I had to stock up while I was out of town. You’re welcome.

Well, so far I have done an excellent job of rambling on about things that aren’t even remotely the point of this post. *pats self on back*

I don’t know about you, but God tends to work on me in seasons and themes. One of the themes going on at the present time has to do with using creativity for His glory. There is no usefulness in playing like what God has given you is insignificant, regardless of how you feel about it.

One of my favorite blogging buddies has issued a challenge today to share your art somehow with others. Therefore, I’m going to put on my big-girl pants and refuse to bow to my feelings on this one. At least for today.

I’ll begin with a couple of doodles which I actually have already literally shared. The first one was for my dad, and the second was for my mentor. (Forgive the weird quality… I no longer have a scanner so I just have to deal with taking a picture of it, which kind of makes for strange lighting.)


IMG_7973wmThe last two are where the vulnerability comes into play because they are directly related to health struggles. (Please try not to be weirded out.)

IMG_7280wmblog IMG_7277wm

So there you go. I have no idea how this would be useful to someone else, but I am choosing to conquer my feelings and trust the truth that God can use it. But I better get off of here before I do too much second-guessing and self-defeating and delete it all. (That is not a plea for compliments. It’s just the raw truth of what goes through my mind.)

And so I pay the challenge forward. Share your creativity, or giftedness of any kind, with someone… TODAY… regardless of how you feel about it.



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