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Short & Sweet

As I’ve been neck deep in preparing for Cheek’s birthday party this weekend, you get to enjoy one of the most abbreviated blog posts ever. 

The city has been upgrading out sewer pipes, and evidently our yard is the prime yard for overnight parking during this process. Cheeks is delighted about this, and I’m sure when they are gone for good he will be demanding “MY DIGGER””. I took him out for a closer look, but told him that we could not touch them since they aren’t ours and we don’t have permission. With that, he ran off to his room to get some gear to get a “closer look”… Image


…that’s right. He stood a few feet away from the digger and loader, all the while looking through binoculars that I’m fairly certain came out of a Sonic Wacky Pack. He took that closer look seriously.

And now for the sweet part. I made Bob the Tomato cake pops for little man’s preschool class. I think that cake pops are so much more full of deliciousness than plain ol’ cake. Unfortunately this was only my 3rd attempt at cake pops (in 3 years) and I have yet to master the art of a smooth coating. Some looked like Bob. Others were straight up creepy. This morning when I showed them to Cheeks, he declared, “Wow, Elmo!” I told him they were Bob. (In his defense, the creepy ones did look a bit Elmo-ish.) He said, “It’s apples!” Evidently he knew they were in fact Bob though, because that’s what he told his teacher. (Stinker.)


The end. Good night. 🙂



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