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You know those moms who brag on their children to the point that it’s almost sickening? Well, today, that’s me! Consider yourselves amply warned. If that’s not your cup of tea, you need not continue. But I figure, I spend enough time using our shortcomings as analogies that it’s only fair to give honor where honor is due at least occasionally.

This is J’s mid-term progress report:


From the beginning of the year testing, we learned that J presently reads 133 words per minute at a 6th grade reading level. (She’s 7, in 3rd grade.)

The other night we were having salmon for supper when J proclaimed, “If we had a microscope we could look at the rings on the scales & see how old it was.” The Rev & I giggled and gave each other that knowing “isn’t she cute” look, as I proceeded to tell her that she must be thinking of trees. You can tell how old trees are by the number of rings. She politely insisted, “It’s fish too” as she scampered off down the hallway. She returned with this declaring “I read it in my encyclopedia.”


So now you know. (Maybe you already knew, but I sure didn’t.) Evidently I may have to do more encyclopedia reading in order to stay on top of things around here.

Way to go, baby girl! I’m proud of your academic accomplishments and how you continually challenge those around you to think outside the box & love big, just by being YOU.

As for Cheeks, well, he has been doing awesome at preschool. There have been no more crying drop-offs to date. He won’t even kiss me goodbye. Non-preschool days are really more challenging as he wants to go to preschool. He is SO proud of everything that he does there.

These are some comments that I have gotten from his teacher: “I could just take him home with me.” “I wish I had 12 of him.” “He’s one of the youngest in the class, but he’s one of the most advanced.”

Considering all of the odds that were stacked against him from the get-go, for this to be where he is at, all I can say is “God… wow. You amaze me.”

Cheeks, I am SO proud of your ambition to learn and do and thrive.

We don’t foster pompous attitudes in our children. I’m a firm believer that humility isn’t a denial of giftedness. It’s recognizing that the source of the giftedness is not of ourselves and genuinely giving the glory to God through its use. Stifling it is saturated with as much pride as flaunting it... (a lesson I am STILL learning how to effectively apply as an adult).

Just for fun, here is a pic of Cheeks with the book he picked out at the library: Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle. (If you know how much this boy loves pancakes, you are certainly not surprised by this choice.)


Here is J & her “Guitar with Bird” painting (as well as a little leftover crazy hair from wacky tacky day at school):


I should probably stop with the children. But I rarely have pics of the Rev to insert into posts. Presently, he is painting our office/play room even though he is all kinds of tired and sore. That is worth commending in my book. He has also been up to:

Being cute.


Sacrificially crawling under a stage.
564508_10151637981543663_2122872827_n(aaaand that’s all the pics I have of him. And I stole them).

As for me, I’ve been being somewhat crafty lately. We painted pumpkins for family night last week:


I saw these burlap canvases and decided I must have some… although I wasn’t entirely sure what I was going to do with them.  I decided that now that we have a new storm door, there should be something worth looking at on the front door.


I took a trip to the local painting studio. Seeing as I painted this one in a public setting, I guess it would be silly of me to be embarrassed about sharing it. (Yes, my stuff is typically this “busy”. Try not to get a headache 😉 ) When I was painting the quote, I had the David Crowder version of “Come Thou Fount” in my head, especially the part that says  “God of glory, voice of thunder, split the cedars, bring us under.”

IMG_9092wmThe head is telling me it’s time to go to bed. That’s all, folks.


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