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Give Us Rest

“Although I would never claim that my room is typically pristine, it isn’t usually *THIS* messy. However, I just got back in town, my hubs left for the week & I’m playing guinea pig with meds again leaving me feeling pretty rough and desperate. At this point, as long as my children survive, housework is pretty much at the bottom of my list. You should feel special that I’m comfortable enough to not care about straightening up the room for you.”

Those were the opening remarks to the fabulous Rachel Anne upon submitting the “before” of my bedroom to her. I had won a room redecoration consultation. My bedroom has always been my last priority in home decorating since, other than the master bath, that’s what others see the least. Brace yourselves, for you ALL get to feel “special” now…


We hadn’t done anything with our bedroom since we moved in a year and a half ago… unless you count that giant patch of mud on the wall in the corner above the electrical box from when the electricians had to cut into the wall during our kitchen remodel. I pinned up curtains that were already there as a temporary solution and we had a friend ground a particular outlet that wasn’t grounded. That’s pretty much it.

“Our room is really dark. On one hand, I like that because I’m so photo-sensitive (or everything sensitive) that it helps with the sleep factor somewhat. But I don’t love the brown. I think I’d rather have a grey or something… but a homey grey, not an institutional grey… Right now it feels like the color palette of a UPS truck. blah. I like things to feel “clean” & calming.” *insert further descriptions of what I DON’T like here* “I’m sorry… I’m much better at knowing what I DON’T like rather than what I do like.  I do know that as a primary goal, I want to feel comfort when I’m in there.”
The suggestions that Rachel Anne offered were right up my stylistic alley and I couldn’t wait to get to work. We still aren’t ENTIRELY finished… I plan on painting the night stand (possibly teal) and we have some more mudding/sanding/painting to do in a particular corner. I’d also like to eventually slip-cover the parlor chairs.


What we HAVE changed:

  • Rotated furniture (It’s amazing what a huge difference this made in spacial concept before we even did anything else!)
  • removed mirror from dresser
  • painted
  • created & hung artwork
  • hung different shades (… we already had 3, I had to purchase 1)
  • new curtains (it took me 5 purchases and 4 returns before finding the perfect fit)
  • brought in a lamp that had been sitting in the garage (that my mother-in-law had found a couple of years ago at a yard sale) and fitted it with a new lamp shade
  • gave old couch pillows new covers and gave them a new home on the bed
  • new bedspread

It’s safe to say that we have been successful at achieving  the clean and calming comfort that I was going for. It’s amazing how much more soothing the update has been to my mood. I don’t feel suffocated with “what still needs updating” first thing in the morning or last thing before I try to sleep. My type-A isn’t even stressing out much over posting the after pictures while having left some details unfinished.  In hindsight, creating sanctuary in our bedroom probably should have been the first in redecoration priority for sanity’s sake. I enjoy spending time in there now. I now read in my room, I fold clothes there, I even enjoy making the bed when my strength is up to it. I breathe and refresh.

My challenge to you today is to do something for your home or yourself that is like taking a soothing breath of fresh air. It doesn’t just benefit you, it benefits those around you as well.


One comment on “Give Us Rest

  1. rachelanneridge
    August 21, 2013

    I love it, Becca! It looks so soothing and peaceful! You did a great job picking out the bedspread and curtains…perfect for the wall color. Love the art over the bed! I’m so excited that you are enjoying it! Yahoo!!!!!

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