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1st Day of Pre-School: Cheeks edition

Today was little man’s first day of pre-school. He has been quite excited, very pridefully exclaiming “I go MY skoo”. He talks a big game.

A couple of days ago we had orientation. He was glad to be there, but he wanted to be on me like a leach and be the boss of what I did with my pen while I filled out paper-work. I got to the question, “Do you consider your child to be easy to manage or difficult to manage?” I momentarily considered simply writing “yes”, but decided that may put ME in the “difficult to manage” category. The truth is, the boy is almost 3. I probably need not expound upon that, but for  those of you who have never parented or taken care of almost-3-year-old boys, he can be an angel and very easy to manage one moment and all kinds of stubborn the next. He finds great pleasure in contrariness. Fortunately he is also all kinds of STINKIN’ ADORABLE.

For his first day of preschool, Cheeks pointed to the Lucky Charms and said, “How about this?” Then I received a request from him I have never gotten before. “No mee-oke peeze. I don’t want it. Ok?” He didn’t want milk in his cereal and I obliged, but I did give him some to drink, which he was fine with. Here he is enjoying his breakfast, sans milk or spoon:


Then I discovered WHY he asked for no milk…


…the better to pick out the marshmallows, my dear. Clever.

If you have visited the post on J’s first day of school, you are familiar with the obligatory lamp post picture. That’s all I wanted. One measly “cheese” by the lamp post.

Do you remember the aforementioned issue with “I don’t want to”? No? Well let me tell you about it. He didn’t want to.

Fortunately, his awesome big sister came to the rescue. He was happy to pose with sissy.


We tried to trick him into taking one by himself by having J dart off unannounced. This is how that one turned out:


I invite you to join us on our ride to pre-school…

Here’s the big boy holding daddy’s hand and walking across the street.


He was all smiles and excitement and was trying to push and pull his way into the classroom. (He hasn’t learned the concept of waiting in line yet. It was his first day, after all). Once inside, he refused to take off his backpack. It was a 2 person job to get that done. Then he thought about picking up the teddy bear cutout with his name on it and putting it on the board, but then he realized it wasn’t his idea to begin with, so he changed his mind and told me “You do it.” We walked over to the air-craft-carrier “boat” that he liked so much on orientation day, and whenever the teacher would try to talk to him he frowned at her, said, “noooo! I don’t want to!” (try to contain your surprise), and clung to me. Granted the room was your typically chaotic first day of drop-off, and that can be overwhelming for a little fellow.

Being that I used to work at a pre-school, I know how much easier it is to get the kids settled if the parents will just GET OUT. (If you are not aware of this, now you know. Your prolonged presence delays their calming down. Be kind. Leave.) I did feel a little bit sad because as I passed him off to the teacher, he did start crying real crocodile tears, and not just “I’m not getting my way” tears. Fortunately for the teachers, he was the only crier. At least at that point. Unfortunately for us, our kid was the only crier. Lovely.

And there we were, the Rev & I, calmly and swiftly making our exit as we had to maneuver our way past a slew of parents who were crowding around the doorway, stealthily trying to check on their non-crying children. We aren’t heartless, I promise.

The Rev picked Cheeks up after preschool was over. I asked him how it went. He said “Fine, I guess.” “Well did they say anything?” “They said he cried for 20 minutes and then he was fine.” I couldn’t get much out of Cheeks either… his yes/no answers aren’t entirely dependable. From what I got, he did & didn’t have fun, he played with toys, Knox was there, he didn’t make any new friends, they did and didn’t sing Jesus loves me, they didn’t read a story (which I know they did as the craft they sent home coordinated with a story they read), and he ate crackers for snack and they were yummy.

The first day of pre-school is in the books.


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