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The Post of Almosts

We are ALMOST done redecorating our bedroom. (Hallelujah, I don’t have to feel as though I’m sleeping in a UPS-themed cave anymore).  You’ll be happy to know that the 5th time’s a charm when it comes to curtain selection. I don’t have before & after photos for you yet, but here is a sneak peek at the color difference & the art I made to hang above our bed:


The new color is called “Intellectual Gray”, so obviously I automatically become more intelligent and refined when I sleep there.



(the mod-podge wasn’t quite dry on the sticks yet when I took the pics)

It’s ALMOST the first day of school. Which means you will likely be blessed with a new post tomorrow chalk full of First-Day-Of-School pictures. Although I sort of feel like school began last week since that’s when I started volunteering. One of the teachers had me camo-paint some old cabinets to go with her Duck Dynasty/ Gator Boys themed classroom:


I also had some “summer school” wall-art projects which I promised J’s teacher from last year that I would complete for her before the new school year. ( The first month of summer breezed by and then I realized I only had a month left… I’m glad I got them done then and didn’t wait until now.)IMG_20130708_210555_462 IMG_20130628_215731_391

This weekend was ALMOST perfect weather. We went with the college group kayaking and the temperature was perfectly comfortable. It even cooled down for the volleyball/bon-fire afterward.  This was an unexpected and much appreciated blessing in July! And it actually wasn’t raining! (It has been a wet summer). The only thing that I would have changed is the bug ratio.  Meanwhile, back at the ranch, J got some snuggle time in with the newest addition to our friend group:

IMG_20130728_101034We also discovered that Cheeks has an irrational fear of hay bales. When we were ALMOST ready to drive back through the farm to the house (as in we were just loading up in the car), Cheeks exclaimed, “Dark! Circles! Big! Watch out!” And he proceeded to cover his eyes the whole drive back. I can’t say I saw that one coming. He has also started to become afraid of the dark, making me turn on hallway lights for him and such before he walks down the hallway. Here’s to hoping it doesn’t become a major issue.

Happy last-day-for-us of summer!


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