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The Big 7.5

Happy Half-Birthday to J! Today she is 7 and a HALF. Yes, we celebrate half birthdays around here… usually with a family trip for a little frozen yogurt.ImageImage

At the ripe old age of 7.5, J is still a joyful, exuberant, kid with a big heart. She loves music, reading, writing, drawing, laughing, making other people smile & just plain being wild! She does NOT like being quiet or still. It pains her. (As evidenced by the first picture, if you look at her toes you can see that while she was supposed to be being still even for just a moment of picture taking, she just HAD to wiggle SOMETHING ;-). I love this picture for the accurate representation of J that it is: cheetah print flip flops, “active” whispy hair, one sleeve up, one sleeve down, cross earrings & wiggly toes). J is perfectionistic, but only with her own performance. She has loads of grace and compassion for others and strives to make others feel better. She is the best big sister on the planet & Cheeks is so happy to have more time with her now that school is out. We are just the first full week into summer break. Last week J got to enjoy clay camp. I can’t wait for her pieces to be fired so I can see how they turned out.

Just to give you a little taste of typical J, yesterday she said to me “Make sure you get me a book on the history of China or Russia or something from the library.” Um… ok. And today? She was trying to write a report on said history of China. For fun.IMG_7275

Cheeks decided he needed to join her and do “work” too.

Oh my goodness, can you believe how much taller J’s haircut makes her look?


Happy 7.5, J-bird! Our world is better because you are in it.


4 comments on “The Big 7.5

  1. Jan
    June 16, 2013

    What a sweetheart!! Happy (belated) birthday to your girl.

  2. AWW! 7.5! I love that age. Writing a report on China FOR FUN….what kind of kid are you raising, anyway?? That’s pretty spectacular. Her haircut looks great – she looks very grown up with her new ‘do. I know she brings joy wherever she goes…may the second half of this year be filled with happiness and love.

  3. Joyce and Norm
    June 14, 2013

    What a sweet girl! Happy half-birthday to her!

  4. Erin @ E So Sweet
    June 14, 2013

    She seems like such a sweetie. What a wonderful recap of her from her mom! Way to go on the Locks of Love!

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