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Road Trip!

Over the last weekend in May (or the first weekend in June? However you want to look at that…) I had the privilege of getting away for the weekend with a friend.

[Beware, for you are likely about to experience the most phone pix of myself in one post, ever.]


Road trips are great. (A special thanks to lil miss super sweetness up there for driving the entire way. ) We were afforded time to be stupid silly, quality conversation, a little break from daily responsibility… sometimes it’s just good to take a field trip with a friend,  ya know?

One of my favorite parts of taking a girls’ trip is getting to eat somewhere that I don’t typically have the opportunity to frequent. I don’t have to pray that my 7 year-old doesn’t spit on a passer-by while talking ceaselessly with her mouth full or that my 2 year-old won’t accurately hurl a salt-shaker at the back of someone’s head. On purpose. Best of all: I  don’t have to go to the bathroom for anyone but myself.

Oh so yummy. I would almost be willing to drive back just for this:


What’s even better is that we also got to worship with some dear friends that I don’t get to see nearly often enough. Add in there getting fed from the Word via Beth Moore & it’s *almost* enough for me to forget about the sunburn on my legs from being stuck in Hotlanta traffic. (But traffic-burned legs are the type of minor detail that makes blogging interesting, so I won’t forget about it entirely. It was more of a singe than a burn, really).

Ah, yes. Welcome my friends to Living Proof Live: the sea of estrogen, $4 arena waters, and all manner of capri pant prints…

…and these precious peeps! Oh, they make my heart smile big, ya’ll.969403_10151941022684619_1728575415_n 969088_10151940009139619_1591325573_n 969011_10151939974154619_1288926489_n 479847_10151941064914619_322749667_n

Quite honestly I was surprised that I didn’t run into more home-folk than I did. (Where were ya?!?!?)

Of course, although I was enjoying my temporary kid-less-ness, I couldn’t forget about them and had to send them one of their favorite praise excerpts. They always get so excited about this part:

And a lil bit of err’body:

Without completely transferring my 10 pages of notes, the primary focus of the message this weekend paralleled  the building of the temple in the old testament to the building of the temple of living stones (the Church) in the new testament. Here are a few little gems:

“Strive to excel in building up the Church. When we tear it down, we are doing the work of the enemy for him. “”Antichrist= Son of Destruction””Building isn’t the same as flattering and not always not saying the hard thing”.

“What happened to the stones that made for the destruction of the temple is that the stones which were once built upon one another together were scattered.””All it takes for us to be ineffective as a temple is to all want our own place.” “Stones standing alone in a field=a cemetery.”

“Don’t confuse ‘God is WITH me’ with ‘God is WATCHING  me'” (Mrs.Beth went on to illustrate how she knows that when she goes into a store someone is watching behind the security camera, but she doesn’t feel particularly close to the person watching her. She is not in relationship with that person).

One of the prayers that I took to heart the most was “Lord, remove the limitations we put on you!”

I really can’t come up with an adequate segue or summary, so I’ll just finish off by leaving you with the professional recap of the weekend.

My heart is full.


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